Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Next Two Weeks (January 15-26, 2024): Theresa Relapses, Alex Apologizes To Justin

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Next Two Weeks (January 15-26, 2024), reveal that stress and conflicts will be soaring high in Salem in equal proportions. For starters, Sloan makes a big goof up at family dinner. Similarly, Steve too, ends up making things awkward for his daughter over their meal. Meanwhile, Brady and Alex panic as Theresa goes missing. Thankfully, there will be some good things to look forward too, like Alex coming clean to Justin. Also, watch out for some romantic scenes between some much adored couples!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers (January 15- 19, 2024): Sloan Makes A Drunken Blunder, Alex Apologizes To Justin

Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrations start on a high note in Salem , with many family dinners underway. However, things do get derailed soon enough in true soap fashion. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Sloan gets too drunk in her nervousness of hosting Marlena and John at her home with Eric. She end sup blabbering drunken gibberish and makes a bad impression on her in laws. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Everett join Steve and Kayla for a dinner. Where, being the protective dad that Steve is, he asks Everett many questions, including his dating details with Steph.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Sloan makes a mess

Tripp and Wendy too, witness the awkwardness that Steve subjects Everett to. However, they soon shift their focus on to themselves. Especially, since they have both decided to stay in Salem, they have a lot of romance to catch up on. Speaking of romance, Johnny makes a romantic marriage proposal to Chanel during the week of January 15-19, 2024, which she most likely will accept. So another wedding might be upon us soon! Xander and Sarah too, will indulge in some steamy time while he helps her move her stuff in!

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that in the upcoming episodes, Alex gives Justin a much deserved apology. Moreover, he also confesses that he is still struggling with the recent revelation about Victor being his bio-dad and not Justin. Furthermore, he tells him that he had been taking out his anger and frustration on him and taht he now realizes it was unfair. He asks Justin to forgive him and hopes for another chance to fix their relationship. We are pretty certain that Justin would forgive him. But lets wait for it to play out on the screen.

Brady and Alex Rescue Theresa, Harris Clashes With Ava -Stefan

Next week of Days of Our Lives, Theresa and Brady get some good news regarding Tate. Perhaps, the teen gets out on bail or at least is transferred to a juvenile facility. Unfortunately, this good news won’t be able to stop Theresa from falling off the wagon. Brady and Alex search for a missing Theresa and find her completely intoxicated. However, it seems it won’t be too severe because they take her home and not to the hospital. But the most shocking part is that she ends up kissing Brady on the sofa. We wonder how Alex will react?

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Brady and Theresa come closer

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Harris raid Ava and Stefan’s restaurant during the week of January 15, 2024. This leads to a heated confrontation between him and Ava at the docks. Stefan interferes in their conversation and tries to scare him off with a strong message. Later, a desolate Harris confides in Rafe about his torn feelings for Ava, and the complication Stefan has added to it. Later, in the week another new tragedy strikes when Harris is shot. Will he make it through? Stay tuned to find out.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers (January 21-26, 2024): Nicole Tries To Adjust To Holly’s Absence

After a tough stretch, Holly finally shoes some improvement on Days of Our Lives. However, she is far from recovered. In fact, to make full recovery she is sent to a over seas care facility that is more suited for her needs. During the week of January 21-26, 2024, Nicole struggles to adjust in Salem while her daughter is so far away from her for treatment. Some spoilers say that this separation will be short lived, as Holly will return home soon.

DOOL/ Nicole sends Holly to a new care facility

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