Marry My Husband Episode 5
Prime Video, tvN

Marry My Husband Episode 5: Ji-Won’s Plan Flourishes, Stalker In The Town! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

There’s no denying that the revenge K-drama is famous among its fans, and tvN has again returned with another brilliant drama, Marry My Husband. While the pilot episode blew everyone’s mind, the previous episode hinted things would change in Ji-Won’s life for the better. After getting a second chance, she decides to change herself. However, Marry My Husband Episode 5 suggests that she is still on the radar of someone suspicious. Is this person planning to kill her? Well, we know that she has a horrible fate. But can she alter it? Perhaps! If Ji-Hyuk handles the situation! But how? Keep reading to know that.

Marry My Husband Episode 5: Preview Clip Shows More Drama And Intimate Moments!

The closing moment revealed that Ji-hyuk was also given a second chance to alter Ji-won’s future. He is aware of her grave fate but wants to change the situation. However, he doesn’t want to make things miserable for her, so currently, Ji-hyuk is taking small steps to protect Ji-won. Meanwhile, the preview clip for Marry My Husband Episode 5 shows that Ji-won feels more confident after her makeover. She is even mapping a plan to bring Min-Hwan and Soo-Min together. Well, she is aware of their future and how it could also change hers.

The trailer of Marry My Husband Episode 5 also shows Ji-Hyuk experimenting with his looks and starting to dress up sharply. His new looks stuns everyone at the office. As for Min-Hwan, he starts feelings for Soo-Min. He also leans toward her in an intimate moment. However, his plan doesn’t work well. It appears Ji-Won’s plan goes in the right direction. While things go perfectly, someone seems to be stalking Ji-Won. While this person seems unknown, the latter will end in a conflict between Ji-Hyuk and Min-Hwan after the latter firmly holds Ji-Won’s hand.

A Quick Recap!

Previously, in Marry My Husband Episode 4, Eun-ho suddenly confessed his feelings for Ji-won. But before he could continue, Ji-won received an urgent call from Ji-hyuk, asking her for a meet-up related to the work. He then spotted Ji-hyuk nearby, but she handed Eun-ho her number before Ji-won could leave. Ji-hyuk and Ji-won later arrived at an event for online marketing. There, they met an infamous assaulter named Wang Heung-in, who got famous after his video of assaulting a flight staff member went viral. After the event ended, Ji-won told Eun-ho he was her first love.

Marry My Husband Episode 5
Prime Video, tvN

On the other hand, Ji-hyuk took Ji-won on a coffee date near the river. She then advised the former to use contact lenses while revealing that she wanted to learn self-defense. Meanwhile, Min-hwan and Su-min appeared slightly attracted to each other at a bar. After reaching home, Ji-won and Eun-ho discussed their past misunderstanding. The former then asked to meet her to clear the air. Everyone was stunned by Ji-hyuk and Ji-won’s new appearance the following day. They both looked different. Min-hwan tried to kiss Ji-won while spilling the tea, but she dodged the situation.

Marry My Husband Episode 5: Release Date

The latest episode trailer has already teased how things will head in Ji-won’s life. But can Ji-hyuk protect her? You will learn it on Marry My Husband Episode 5, which will air on January 15, 2024, at 10.30 pm KST. The K-drama consists of a total of 16 episodes, which airs every Monday and Tuesday night. It is available to stream on tvN in South Korea. Meanwhile, the global audience can stream it on Prime Video. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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