Tell Me That You Love Me Episode 15
Disney Plus, ENA

Tell Me That You Love Me Episode 15: Mo-Eun Doubts Her Feelings! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Mo-Eun and Jin-Woo have been trying to work on their troublesome relationship. However, things are going nowhere. In fact, Tell Me That You Love Me Episode 15 suggests that their relationship might end, thanks to Jin-Woo’s ex-girlfriend, Seo-Kyung. She is trying to get back to her former partner and believes they can be better together. She even tells Mo-Eun that Jin-Woo is better with her. While this makes things vulnerable for the latter, she unknowingly ends up meeting her boyfriend’s birth mother. Will it bring them together? Well, it doesn’t seem like though. So, let’s see how things will move now.

Tell Me That You Love Me Episode 15: Preview Hints At Big Trouble Ahead! 

In the closing moment, Mo-Eun was contacted by the older woman’s husband, who revealed that she had chronic dementia. He also informed the former about his wife’s son, who was sent to an orphanage after her first husband went missing. After learning this story, Mo-Eun realized that the older woman was Jin-Woo’s birth mother. Tell Me That You Love Me Episode 15 picks up soon after from there. Mo-Eun will head to see the place and send Jin-Woo a picture of the house the old lady mentioned. He doesn’t take much time to realize that the lady is his mother.

He decides to meet her. While he faces trouble dealing with his past, Mo-Eun has conflicting thoughts. She wonders why she is doing this. Although she wants to help Jin-Woo and wishes to sort things out between her and him, things aren’t going positively for them. Tell Me That You Love Me Episode 15 also hints that Jin-Woo won’t understand Mo-Eun’s situation. He will try to speak to Mo-Eun, who believes he should stay with his ex. Meanwhile, Seo-Kyung will get a bitter confession that will leave her on the edge.

A Quick Recap!

Previously, on Tell Me That You Love Me Episode 14, an older woman appeared at Jin-woo’s solo exhibition. She appeared sad and started crying after seeing his paintings. She then expressed her emotions after seeing the painting. After watching such a scene, Mo-Eun interacted with the woman, who said she could feel the painter’s loneliness in that painting as it was evident. These words touched the former, and she decided to work on her relationship with Jin-woo. She then went to Jin-Woo’s place to converse deeply with him.

Tell Me That You Love Me Episode 15
Disney Plus, ENA

The bright side of the meeting was that they both appeared comfortable and happy. Amid their conversation, Mo-Eun spotted an old photograph of a woman and a small child in front of a small house in the countryside. She asked Jin-Woo about the photo. He revealed that he believed she was his birth mother as he found the photo when he was living in the orphanage. But he didn’t know much about it. Later, Mo-Eun went to work but got upset after watching Jin-Woo with his ex-girlfriend, Seo-Kyung. Since she was upset, she left them together and discussed this incident with her friend.

Tell Me That You Love Me Episode 15: Release Date

The upcoming episode will indeed bring chaos to Jin-Woo’s life after she gets a confrontation with Seo-Kyung. While she reels over it, Jin-Woo struggles to deal with his feelings. Why? You will learn it on Tell Me That You Love Me Episode 15, which will air on January 15, 2024, at 9 pm KST. It drops every two episodes on Monday and Tuesday nights. The current episode will mark the penultimate episode of this season, concluding the show this week itself. So, don’t miss it. It is available on ENA for the local Korean audience, while the global audience can stream it on Disney Plus. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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