February 29, 2024
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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Big Twist For Wendy And Tripp, Baby Bombshell Drops

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Tripp-Wendy

Wendy and Tripp’s relationship has been saved literally by a whisker! Days of Our Lives Spoilers reveal that although she was pretty resolute about moving back to Hong Kong, she has now changed her mind. Wendy and Tripp have decided that it is best they stay back in Salem itself. But why this mini upheaval and then the save? Earlier, it looked as though the makers were ready to write off the whole Shinn family. Could they have changed their mind to accommodate a baby storyline?


Ava’s Assumption Comes True

Days of Our Lives spoilers say that previously when Tripp told Ava about moving to Hong Kong with Wendy, she thought it was for a baby. Ava assumed that perhaps Wendy was pregnant with Tripp’s baby, and they were planning on getting married and starting a new life away from Salem. But that wasn’t true at all. Besides, the two have now decided to stay back. But what if Ava’s words do end up coming true now?

Days of Our Lives spoilers- Ava-Wendy-Tripp
DOOL/ Ava wonders if Wendy is pregnant with Tripp’s baby

Tripp and Wendy have surely been spending many passionate nights together. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that they have yet another one coming up during the week of January 15, 2024. So, even if Wendy isn’t already pregnant, there is surely a chance of conception in the upcoming episodes. And if that happens, then Ava’s other assumption could come true too!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Tripp Proposes Wendy For Marriage

Tripp is certainly the kind of guy who takes relationships and family seriously. So, if Wendy gets pregnant, he will certainly pop the question. Although going by how much he adores her, he would have proposed sooner or later, even without a baby. But a surprise pregnancy would definitely speed up the process. Moreover, some Days of Our Lives spoilers do hint that wedding bells might ring for a couple soon in Salem.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Wendy and Tripp
DOOL/ Will Tripp and Wendy get married?

While Chanel and Johnny might very well be the couple. Yet, Tripp and Wendy stand just as much of a chance. If this speculative twist does come to be, do you think Wendy will accept Tripp’s proposal? Or will this surprise pregnancy end up adding a layer of complication to their still-new relationship? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Tech Radar247 for more Days of Our Lives spoilers and updates.

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