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Playboi Carti

Playboi Carti Gay: The Rapper Talks About His Sexuality Said “Hinted That Before!”   

Rapper Playboi Carti has been making waves with his music for the past few years. However, his vast popularity has become a significant reason behind receiving backlash for his music and lifestyle. There’s no denying that the rap world fanbase is inherently homophobic. That’s why when the rapper promoted his album “Whole Lotta Red,” things turned dark for him, leading to many doubting his sexuality. Is Playboi Carti Gay? Well, this question has been buzzing for many years. And finally, the artist has stepped up to address the gay rumor. So, without further ado, let’s head to see what Playboi Carti says. 

But First, How Did Playboi Carti Gay Rumors Started? 

Playboi Carti (birth name Jordon Terell Carter) is known for his ad-libs and mumble rap and has been ruling the Billboard Hot 100 chart for several years. His debut songs, “Magnolia” and “Walk Like This,” went to Billboard Hot 100. In fact, his studio album “Die Lit” also peaked at #3. After receiving such a massive breakthrough, it is obvious to get trolled by some haters. And unfortunately, it did happen with Playboi Carti. After being away from the limelight for two years, the rapper finally took to Instagram Live in 2020 to promote his song. 

However, the lyrics- ‘They thought I was gay’ – made things problematic for the rapper. This is because it quickly started trending on social media platforms. That left many people doubting his sexuality and questioning: Is Playboi Carti Gay? Some believed it was a well-constructed hint that confirmed the rapper’s sexuality. Since the rap world is homophobic, it didn’t take much time to promote Playboi Carti negatively. In fact, some trollers took fake photos of Playboi Carti to look down on him. 

The fabricated post even suggested that Playboi Carti had come out of the closet. It quickly planted a seed of doubt in several of his fans’ minds. While Playboi Carti Gay rumors continued to make waves, many started making fun of his album and songs. Some also doubted his talent, calling his songs worthless. This definitely put the artist’s reputation on the line, as some believed he did this stunt to gain an LGBTQ fanbase. Did he? 

Rumors Suggest Playboi Carti Dating A Guy Celebrity 

Following Playboi Carti Gay rumors, the rapper again became the talk of the town after another photo surfaced online. In that Instagram Story snap, he was spotted with the Director of Givenchy, Matthew Williams. It later let the trollers begin the false rumors suggesting Matthew and Carti were dating each other. However, neither the rapper nor the director has commented on this situation. While the wildfire spread, Playboi Carti was again hit by the storm. It was when a video of him with rapper Kid Cudi went viral. In that video, Carti was looking at Day ‘n’ Nite rapper too intensely. 

Playboi Carti Gay
Playboi Carti with the Director of Givenchy, Matthew Williams

However, nothing has been confirmed yet. But these Playboi Carti Gay rumors made things dramatic for the rapper’s midnight release of Whole Lotta Red. Many called the album ‘trash.’ Some even said that the album had ‘0 good songs.’ Despite that, it secured a place in the following Billboard 200 chart. Even the controversial album surpassed Taylor Swift’s tracks the next week.

Playboi Carti Gay: The Rapper Had A Girlfriend In The Past

While some believed in Playboi Carti Gay rumors, many knew of his on-and-off relationship with his girlfriend, Iggy Azalea. They began dating in 2018, and a couple of years later, they welcomed their son in 2020. But unfortunately, they separated the same year in October. While Carti never opened up about their separation, Iggy didn’t sit back to defend her side. Two months after their separation, Iggy slammed the rapper on Christmas Eve for not trying to see their son. She also alleged that Curti cheated on her when she was pregnant.

Iggy tweeted, ‘Imagine not flying out your family on Christmas,’ but he had that girl with him at the album party. She also added that, surprisingly, she and her son weren’t allowed to come for Christmas anymore. It didn’t stop there! Iggy furiously penned that Curti hid about his cheating from his housekeeper and also questioned the rapper’s dignity. She even said that the Whole Lotta Red rapper got arrested for choking Iggy during her pregnancy. And he did that before, too! 

I Don’t Give A F*CK

Amid Playboi Carti Gay rumors and cheating allegations, the rapper told Highsnobiety in 2021, ‘I don’t give a f*ck.’ He addressed the sexuality rumors and said he didn’t care what others thought of him and how they portrayed him. He just hated that he waited so long to express himself. While he didn’t address his sexuality, he did say that he was ‘anti-everything.’ If people go south, then he would go north. He didn’t want to follow any trend. Carti also suggested that for the entire time, he had been himself and shown signs of his quirky style throughout his career. 

Playboi Carti has also been subjected to vampire rumors. It was started because of his fondness for leather and fashion style. However, it had nothing to do with the mystical creature. The rapper said he was a rock star and wanted to prove this to the world. Carti also added that ‘vampires live forever,’ he wanted to experience the same by enjoying every moment and living his best life. However, it never revealed whether Playboi Carti Gay rumors were true. Currently, the rapper’s dating life has remained away from the limelight. Thus, it remains unclear whether he is dating anyone.

Playboi Carti Postpones’ Antagonist Tour’ Again

The rapper announced that he would begin his Antagonist Tour in July 2023. However, he pushed his tour several times. It was originally set to start in September in Denver. But a week before the Colorado concert, he postponed the shows to January 2024. Soon then, he pushed his Dublin concert without offering new dates. Even today, the tour section of the rapper’s website gives little details about his tour. The dates are ‘TBD.’ Now, it remains unclear when the concert will begin. 

Are Playboi Carti Gay rumors behind the delay in the Antagonist Tour? Well, the rapper was arrested for speed driving in 2022. But that was an old case. However, it remained unclear whether he was free from the charges. What are your thoughts on this? Comment down below. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.  

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