February 29, 2024

Harley Quinn Season 5: Max Orders Another Batch Of Episodes! Release In 2024?

Harley Quinn Season 5

Gotham City is full of iconic characters like Batman and Joker. However, the news of Harley Quinn Season 5 shows that fans love DC’s craziest female villain more than anyone else. The previous season of the animated show has continued entertaining fans with its gripping story, humor, and dark tone. As a result, it is not surprising that fans want to know when the next season will drop. Well, Season 4 also left several unanswered questions, such as Batman and Bruce’s relations, Harley Quinn’s branched worlds, The Justice League’s presence, and several others. Let’s find out what can happen next, and will Harley Quinn succeed in becoming a great villain?


Harley Quinn is a villain in The DC Universe, and she debuted in 1992. Since then, she has skyrocketed in popularity with several animated shows and even movies centred on her. The Harley Quinn animated show started as an exclusive series on the DC Universe App in 2019. However, seeing its appreciation in the first two seasons, the following two seasons aired on Max. Following this, the show received critical acclaim and appreciation from fans, which resulted in the announcement of Harley Quinn Season 5. Read on to learn when to expect to see the sensational character again.

Harley Quinn Season 5: Official Announcement!

Peter Girardi is Warner Bros. Animation’s Executive Vice President of Alternative Programming. Recently, he broke the news of the animated DC show being renewed for the fifth season. He explained that the show has raised the bar in terms of comedy and story with each new season. Now, the team is happy to partner with Max again to take their most significant swing at Harley Quinn Season 5.

Harley Quinn Season 5
Harley Quinn

Similarly, Suzanna Makkos, Executive Vice President of Original Comedy and Adult Animation at Max, praised the people working on the project. She mentioned how the team has offered the same things that made the previous seasons great while keeping it fresh. Additionally, she said that they are excited for the fans to see more of the heartwarming and hilarious tales of the DC misfits.

What Can You Expect In The Next Season?

Fans of Harley Quinn should be excited for season 5 as things are bound to hit the roof. Season 4 saw a unique twist in the DC villain’s story as she started working with the caped crusader, Batman, and his allies. Evidently, this resulted in a rift between Harley and Poison Ivy, her closest friend. However, by the season’s end, we saw the two of them settle their differences as they formed the Gotham City Sirens along with Catwoman and Batgirl.

As for Harley Quinn Season 5, we can expect various loose ends to be resolved, with the Gotham City Sirens playing a significant role. Moreover, Talia al Ghul resurrected Nightwing using the Lazarus Pit. As a result, we will likely see the protagonist of the show deal with a threat she had killed off before. Undoubtedly, the upcoming season will be as thrilling and exciting as the previous seasons.

Harley Quinn Season 5
Harley Quinn

Fan Theories For Harley Quinn Season 5

Who doesn’t like theory crafting? With a show like Harley Quinn, fans can’t help but theorize and raise expectations of what they would like to see in the next season. Following the end of the fourth season, the internet was full of discussions regarding Harley Quinn Season 5.

One of the major expectations and theories pertains to the all-girl Gotham City Sirens. Fans are expecting to see them be creative with their criminal endeavors as they make an impact in Gotham. Additionally, several users are of the opinion that Talia will pose a major threat to the protagonists of the show. On a lighter note, fans also want to see the menacing Bane soften up as he finds love. Furthermore, fans have several other expectations when it comes to other characters, such as Batman, Joker, and Clayface. It will be interesting to see if Harley Quinn Season 5 meets these expectations.

Upcoming Season’s Cast

The DC universe boasts a massive roster of interesting characters. Consequently, Harley Quinn has a large number of characters that make an appearance. Fans are curious to know if there will be any surprise guest appearances or a change in the cast in the forthcoming season. Luckily, fans can rest assured knowing that most of the prominent cast members will reprise their roles. Kayley Cuoco and Lake Bell will voice Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, respectively. Sanaa Lathan and Briana Cuoco will continue voicing Catwoman and Barbara Gordon, respectively. Other characters such as Batman, Nightwing, and Robin will have no changes in their voice actors either. Since an official announcement regarding the cast is awaited, any additions or guest appearances in Harley Quinn Season 5 are still a mystery.

Harley Quinn Season 5: Release Date

The adrenaline-filled season 4 has left the fans eagerly waiting for more of the DC villains. Expectedly, the news of the show being renewed for another season made fans excited and curious to know when the upcoming season would be released. As of now, Max and Warner Bros. are yet to reveal the release date of Harley Quinn Season 5 officially. Meanwhile, fans can enjoy the spin-off Kite Man: Hell Yeah! As it is all set for a 2024 release date.

Harley Quinn Season 5
Harley Quinn

The show about the femme fatale has not only been widely appreciated by fans but has also received a lot of praise from critics. The news of Harley Quinn Season 5 has made fans want to jump into the chaos of Gotham City again. Although the bar has been set high by the previous seasons, the DC show will once again manage to hit it out of the park. For more updates regarding Harley Quinn, follow Techradar247


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