Selling The OC Season 3

Selling The OC Season 3: Netflix All Geared Up For 2024 Release!

Orange County is known for various things, such as scenic beaches, surfing spots, and Disneyland. However, the first thing that comes to many people’s minds is Selling The OC Season 3. The American reality show has garnered a significant fan base since it first aired. And now, fans can’t wait for another dramatic season at the Oppenheim Group. Season 2 of the show just finished airing, and many people are curious when the third season will be out. Will the drama and controversy continue? What will happen to Alex and Tyler’s relationship? Let’s find out if Selling The OC has been renewed for another season and when you can expect from it.

Reality shows offer viewers a glimpse into various aspects of life. Similarly, Selling The OC is a reality show that documents the lives of real estate agents at Oppenheim Group’s offices in Orange County, California. The show gives the perfect amount of entertainment and drama as the agents try to flip houses while dealing with their relationships and personal lives. As a result, the exciting premise has drawn the attention of many fans who can’t get enough.

Selling The OC Season 3’s Renewal Status

Well, fans of the real estate agents are in for some good news. Regarding the renewal status of Selling The OC Season 3, the show’s creators had given information regarding it well in advance. The show first premiered in August 2022. Following the first season, in January 2023, Netflix renewed it for seasons 2 and 3. Another exciting news is that filming for the upcoming season has already begun. The filming for both seasons was done back-to-back. Thus, the third season remained immune from the Hollywood strike. So, fans can get to see season 3 sooner than expected.

Selling The OC Season 3
Selling The OC

What Will Happen In Selling The OC Season 3?

Selling The OC Season 2 had a cliffhanger ending that left fans wondering about what would happen in the forthcoming season. The second season left several loose ends and questions unanswered. Moreover, the developments that took place in the previous season left the Oppenheim Group to deal with a lot of mess and drama, which was likely to continue.

One of the most exciting aspects of Selling The OC Season 3 will be Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland’s relationship. As their relationship status is ambiguous, fans are waiting to see what happens next. In addition, fans will also be looking forward to the overall real estate business, including Ali Harper’s career. Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose are two agents who constantly tiff with each other throughout the season. As a result, fans can expect to see more of these two, along with the status of other fractured friendships.

What’s Up With Alex and Tyler?

At the end of season 2, things were going well for Alex and Tyler. However, the stars of reality shows have off-screen lives as well. As a result, several developments since season 2 ended might play a significant role in Selling The OC Season 3. In a brief trailer of the third season, shown during the Selling Sunset Season 7 Reunion, we get an idea of what lies ahead of them.

Selling The OC Season 3
Selling The OC

In the short clip, we see Tyler and Alex arguing, where the latter says that he swooned her and disappeared. Based on the clip, it is evident that there is a visible rift in the relationship. Moreover, we get to see that Tyler will be going through various difficulties in the coming season as he comes to terms with what he wants in life. Additionally, we get to see a confrontation between the two where Tyler states that they aren’t on the same page, which pushes Alex to say she’s done before walking away.

Selling The OC Season 3 Cast: Who Will Return?

It is safe to assume that most of the cast members from the second season will also be appearing in the third season. Although Netflix has not officially announced the cast, we will undoubtedly see Tyler and Alex in the show. Additionally, the other agents, Polly and Brandi, will return as well. However, the fate of cast member Brett Oppenheim is on the edge since he has left the Oppenheim group to start his brokerage firm. Moreover, Netflix is yet to announce the newcomer Ali Harper’s presence in the upcoming season. Nevertheless, the real estate agents will be returning to provide fans with the perfect amount of drama and entertainment.

Selling The OC Season 3
Selling The OC

What Is Selling The OC About? Will There Be More Spin-Offs?

Adam DiVello created Selling The OC for Netflix. The show is a spin-off of the famous reality show Selling Sunset. Both these shows follow the real estate agents working at the Oppenheim Group. While Selling Sunset focuses on a different set of cast members who work in the high-end areas of Los Angeles, Selling The OC focuses on the agents in Orange County.

Both shows capture the drama, struggles, and hardships of the brokers. As a result, the shows have been renewed for multiple seasons, and there are possibilities of further spin-offs, too. The second season of the show hinted that there might be additions to series like Selling Cabo and Selling Nashville.

Selling The OC Season 3: Release Date

It comes as no surprise that a large number of people want to see the happenings at The Oppenheim Group once again. Netflix is yet to announce the release date of the third season officially. However, based on the pattern of previous seasons, we might get to see Selling The OC Season 3 in mid-2024. What happens next in Orange County’s real estate world is not certain. However, fans will undoubtedly have their eyes glued once Selling The OC Season 3 hits their screens.

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