Solo Leveling Episode 3

Solo Leveling Episode 3: Sung Jin-Woo Survives, ‘System’ Is Like A Game! WATCH HERE

The extraordinarily famous Solo Leveling debut left fans on the edge with its thrilling storyline and top-notch animation. However, the audience’s heart skipped a beat when Sung Jin-woo faced a near-death experience. Only two episodes have dropped, but it has already put the protagonist’s life on the edge. Is he alive? Solo Leveling Episode 3 hints that he has survived the deadly Dungeon ordeal. But how? While this mystery plays a significant role, the preview images of the forthcoming episode hint at the introduction of the ‘System.’ Let’s see what this ‘System’ has for Sung Jin-woo.

Solo Leveling Episode 3: Stills Tease ‘System’ Will Be Introduced Soon

A-1 Pictures recently dropped the preview stills of Solo Leveling Episode 3, “It’s Like A Game,” which hints at Sung Jin-woo’s fate. In one of the preview images, he appears in the hospital bed, indicating that he survived the gnarly fate. He is the only one who has gained special powers after dealing with the Double Dungeon ordeal. But it remains unclear how he manages to survive. That’s because he had lost a lot of blood and was on the verge of dying. So, did the Korean Hunters Association return to save him?

Solo Leveling Episode 3
Solo Leveling, Crunchyroll

Well, it appears that the System is a bit complicated. Solo Leveling Episode 3 suggests that Sung Jin-woo has completed the Secret Quest: Courage of the Weak and has acquired some special powers. He is a player now and can fight against the deadly monsters. Meanwhile, the episode will finally introduce the protagonist’s family. His sister, Sung Jin-Ah, will appear for the first time to visit her brother at the hospital. It will also reveal why he is taking such a risk to become a hunter.

A Quick Recap!

The last week’s episode picked up exactly where the pilot episode had left off. Sung Jinwoo and his group of hunters were trapped in the deadly dungeon with high-level monsters. The hunters faced grim fate as the stoned monsters started attacking them individually, leaving no room for survival. However, Sung could predict his enemies’ moves because of his survival skills and near-death experiences. He eventually discovered the dungeon rules- help others to survive.

Solo Leveling Episode 3
Solo Leveling, Crunchyroll

It quickly helped him save Joohee and the rest of the hunters. But while trying to rescue others, he lost his leg, putting Joohee’s fate in limbo as well. This left the Captain with no choice but to carry the latter and escape the dungeon, leaving Sung Jinwoo behind. At the dungeon, the statues overpowered him and started attacking him. While he accepted his impending death, a screen appeared and asked whether he wanted to switch his fate. If he desired to become a ‘player.’

Solo Leveling Episode 3: Release Date

Sung Jinwoo’s fate is currently in limbo. However, the forthcoming episode, “It’s Like A Game,” will indeed reveal his decision. What will he do? You will learn it on Solo Leveling Episode 3, which will air on January 21, 2024, at midnight JST. The audience in Japan can stream it on the local broadcasting network, Tokyo MX. Meanwhile, the global audience can stream it on Crunchyroll. This is all about the latest episode. Stay tuned! TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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