Billie Eilish Gay
Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish Gay: “Intimidated” By Women Yet Call Herself “Very Straight!”

The pop sensation Billie Eilish has never missed any chance to amaze her fanbase, even the media. She has been known for following her own path in a bold and chivalric manner. While the American pop star has always been in buzz, she has once again become the talk of the town because of her sexuality. Is Billie Eilish Gay? Well, her recent revelation has made everyone believe that so. While a huge part of her fanbase feels Eilish has been dropping some hints about her sexuality, some think she is just having fun. Hence, Billie Eilish sexuality has been on the radar. But now let’s see what the pop star says about it. Did she come out? Let’s see! 

Billie Eilish Gay: How It All Started?

Billie Eilish debuted her music career in 2015 with her song “Ocean Eyes.” However, the singer got a breakthrough with her track “Bad Guy.” The song was an immediate success, and the “Bad Guy” singer soon became a singing sensation. While the youth adores her music, Eilish faced controversy for her 2021 release “Lost Cause.” She faced ‘queerbaiting’ allegations for featuring several girls in the music video and being flirtatious at a slumber party. Not only this, but many also doubted the singer’s sexuality. It quickly sparked Billie Eilish Gay rumors.

However, Eilish shared her personal choice to put an end to the accusations of ‘queerbaiting.’ She also responded to this matter with a screenshot of the video with the caption, “I love girls.” However, Billie Eilish Gay speculation didn’t end there. In fact, her caption made many believe that she was hinting at her sexuality. That ultimately forced the “Six Feet Under” singer to respond to the intense fan scrutiny. Eilish clapped back by saying, “Or my sexuality!” She questioned why it was everyone else’s business. And what happens when it comes to men?

Despite advocating her sexuality, Billie Eilish once again came under fire for her another track, “Wish You Were Gay.” Many accused her of ‘queerbaiting’ again which she eventually apologized. Since then, Eilish has been working hard to prove she’s an ally to the LGBTQ+ community.

Billie Eilish Has A Gay Crush!

Eilish opened up about her celebrity crush after her split with Jesse Rutherford. The pop sensation revealed through Instagram Q&A that she had a crush on Stranger Things star Maya Hawke. While asked about her celebrity crush, she dropped Hawke’s picture. It quickly made people believe in Billie Eilish Gay words. Many even suggested that the singer should learn about queer people as they don’t think she’s straight. In another question, she dropped a picture of fruit salad, teasing fans with a ‘fruity’ statement.

Well, it isn’t the first time Eilish has opened up about her female celebrity crush. Last year, she admitted that her childhood celebrity crush was none other than Sarah Michelle Gellar. Soon, her comment split the internet in two. While some came forward to defend her, others questioned her intention. Many also accused her of ‘queerbaiting’ as she frequently hinted at her sexuality. Despite that, Billie Eilish asked everyone to stop questioning her sexuality. However, the celebrity has been dropping hints suggesting she’s into girls.

“Gay & Tired”

No doubt, Billie has been teasing her fanbase by dropping hints about her sexuality. That also made her fans question: Is Billie Eilish Gay? But the “Lonely” singer hasn’t yet addressed the rumors. In fact, she once again dropped a hint on Instagram that left fans wondering what she was trying to tell. The last Friday, the 21-year-old posted an Instagram story of herself using the filter “Gay & Tired.” In which, Gay is written on one cheek, while Tired is written on another. Well, the filter is quite popular among people. But it also made people believe that Eilish was silently coming out.

Billie Eilish Gay
Billie Eilish

However, in October 2023, the “Ocean Eyes” singer opened up about her sexuality in a TikTok video. She used the same filter in the video and called herself straight. She said she’s “very, very, very, very straight.” Eilish continued that she knew people were like, “She made me go gay.” But she is unbothered by this and thinks it’s cool and proud of it. However, once again, Eilish confused her fanbase to the core with her cryptic action. So, is Billie Eilish Gay?

Finally Addressed Billie Eilish Gay Words

After years of speculation, Billie Eilish has finally discussed how her mega-hit Barbie soundtrack What Was I Made For? helped her scrutinize her relationship with her femininity. She revealed that she never felt like a woman before. The singer added that she never felt feminine or desirable. She convinced herself that she was like a pretty girl. Yet, she never felt like a girl. This is why she, the pop star, called her relationship with her own feminity “tenuous.” Does she secretly come out? Are Billie Eilish Gay rumors true?

While discussing this, Eilish told Variety that she still uses the ‘she/her’ pronoun. And she is still trying to figure out her true sexuality. But during the interview, the singer also opened up about her discomfort with being sexualized. Well, Billie Eilish has been mocked for her wardrobe of oversized T-shirts. While some have questioned her styling choice, others have defended her style. But recently, the 21-year-old revealed that she didn’t want people to access her body, even visually. She isn’t strong enough to show her curves. The singer also revealed that one of the reasons behind hiding her curves was she had never felt desirable.

However, the Grammy and Oscar-winning singer-songwriter casually discussed her relationships with women. Recently, she told Variety that she ‘loves’ girls and has never felt that she can relate to them. Eilish has also revealed that she loves girls so much. She loves them as people and is also attracted to them. It further made people wonder whether Billie Eilish Gay words are true. But the singer didn’t stop here as she discussed her deep connections with women in her life. Eilish also added that she’s physically attracted to them, and they are so intimidated. Their beauty and presence is what makes Eilish go gaga for them.

Billie Eilish’s New Collection Is Out!

Billie Eilish has been surprising her fans with her incredible music. But recently, the singer dropped her new limited edition fragrance on November 9, 2023. It’s her third release, available in Harrods in the UK and Ulta in the US. Not only this, but the pop star has also dropped her new holiday collection, which is available in the Billie Eilish store. So, hurry up and grab the offer.

This is all about Billie Eilish Gay words. The singer hasn’t yet addressed whether she’s straight or gay, but many believe she will soon come up with a proper explanation. What do you think? Is she silently coming out? Comment down your thoughts below. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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