February 22, 2024
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Days of Our Lives: Susan Hayes Opens Up About Husband Bill Hayes’ Passing, Shows Gratitude For Support

The world of soap opera is mourning the sad demise of Days of Our Lives legend, Bill Hayes. Known for playing Doug Williams on the soap opera, Bill’s passing has left a sadness among fans. Just six days after he left us, Susan Seaforth Hayes, his wife, shared a heartfelt message on Instagram. Her words gave us a glimpse into their beautiful love story. Let’s delve into the life and legacy of this soap opera icon. He touched the hearts of many with his on-screen charm and real-life love story alongside his wife, Susan Seaforth Hayes.


Susan Hayes Is Grateful

The enchanting tale of the Hayes goes beyond the stories we watch on TV. Bill and Susan’s on-screen love between Doug and Julie was just like the real love story that happened behind the scenes of Days of Our Lives. After the chance meeting on the sets of the show, their love grew deeper and Susan and Bill tied the knot on October 12, 1974. Their union became a crucial part of the soap opera’s history. In a captivating 2018 interview with Digest, the couple shared the details of their enduring connection. This left a lasting impression on the hearts of soap opera fans.

As news of Bill Hayes’s passing spread, Susan Seaforth-Hayes took to Instagram to say thank you for the overwhelming support. A cornerstone of Days of Our Lives, Bill’s role as Doug Williams lasted for over five decades. Executive producer Ken Corday paid tribute, emphasizing Hayes’s essential role in capturing the spirit of the soap opera.

Moving from celebrating to having somber reflections, Bill Hayes celebrated his 98th birthday last summer on the set of Days of Our Lives. Meanwhile, the cast and crew organized a heartfelt celebration, marked by a special cake. Susan Seaforth-Hayes, his loyal companion throughout his journey, stood by his side, embodying the lasting bond they shared.

Days of Our Lives: Fond Memories and Tributes

After his passing, co-stars shared heartfelt tributes on social media. Alison Sweeney, Kristian Alfonso, and Mary Beth Evans shared touching messages. Also, they weaved a collective story of the joy, charisma, and artistic brilliance that defined Hayes’s presence on and off the set. Mary Beth Evans shared a touching video that showcased Bill Hayes’s lively spirit. It resonated through the Days of Our Lives makeup room as he sang to the cast with his melodious voice.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/Bill Hayes

Furthermore, as we bid farewell to Bill Hayes, we mourn the loss of a great actor. Yet, we also celebrate the lasting legacy of a man who brought love and joy to the world of soap operas. His impact, felt across generations of fans, goes beyond the screen and lives on in the timeless stories woven into the fabric of Days of Our Lives. Through the lens of his enduring love for Susan Seaforth-Hayes, Bill Hayes’s strong spirit leaves a lasting mark on the soap opera community. His legacy will continue to be cherished and remembered through the ages. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Days of Our Lives updates.

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