February 22, 2024

My Happy Ending Episode 7: Jae-Won’s Memory Drama & The Blackmailer! WATCH HERE

My Happy Ending Episode 7

After the blackmailing arc, fans are curious to learn how things will end with Jae-Won. Once, a vigilante is now being attacked by a mysterious person. But who will be that person? Before the mystery unfolds, My Happy Ending Episode 7 promises to bring more chaos to the table. With Jae-Won’s determination to learn about her past, she will temporarily pause the custody war. It will indeed give her and her husband time to rethink their decision. But will things end in their favor? Let’s see what significant complications are aligned in their way.


My Happy Ending Episode 7: Ho-Jun Takes The Centre Stage

TV Chosun recently dropped the preview clip of My Happy Ending Episode 7, which suggests Jae-Won has a blurred memory of her past. In the previous episode, a blackmailer, who knows something about her past, confronted him. But she seems distorted as she doesn’t remember anything from back then. Even her daughter’s DNA reports tell a different story. That will indeed bring more chaos to the table. On the other hand, Yoon Jin tries to contact Ho-Jun, who refuses to see her face.

He doesn’t want to get in more trouble. While he tries to amend with his wife, Jae-Won’s father seems to have other plans. There’s no doubt that he knows something about his daughter’s mental health. Instead of hiding things, he wants to make her life miserable. Meanwhile, Yoon Jin intends to keep things afloat between her and Ho Jun. But will he agree to it? My Happy Ending Episode 7 preview images don’t hint at that direction. As for Jae-won, she will soon regret framing her husband.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode of My Happy Ending began with the custody war. Hae Soon-Young was heartbroken after he learned that his wife Jae-Won wouldn’t give up on their daughter Ah-Rin. She was determined to give him a taste of his own betrayal. She also framed her husband for violating the company’s rules. And she even questioned Kwon Yoon-Jin’s murals in the room full of press. It didn’t end there. Upon learning about her husband’s affair with Yoon Jin, she kicked her husband out of the house.

My Happy Ending Episode 7
Viki, TV Chosun

But Ah-Rin, Jae-won’s daughter, was upset with the decision, and later, Jae-Won’s father made the situation more troublesome. So, in order to handle everything, she called her husband back home. But it didn’t stop Jae-Won from ruining Yoon-Jin’s life. She later attended a charity event of the Yein Foundation, which the latter’s dad led. During the press conference, she decided to expose her husband’s affair with Yoon-Jin. However, when Jae-Won was about to reveal everything, she received mysterious texts from an unknown person. That stopped her from opening up about the scandal.

My Happy Ending Episode 7: Release Date

The upcoming episode will finally give insights into the blackmailer and Jae-won’s mental health. Is she hiding something from her husband? Catch it on My Happy Ending Episode 7, January 20, 2024, at 9:10 pm KST. The all-new episode airs every Saturday and Sunday night on TV Chosun in South Korea. Meanwhile, the global audience can catch it on Viki and Viu. This is all about the latest episode. Stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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