My Happy Ending Episode 9
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My Happy Ending Episode 9: Jae-Won’s Arrest, The Murder Mystery! WATCH HERE

The previous episode was undoubtedly a rollercoaster ride. It had revealed that Jae-Won had lost her memory once again. That gave Yoon-Jin a chance to take revenge on Jae-won. The preview clip of My Happy Ending Episode 9 also hints at the series of dramatic events that put the protagonist’s life on the edge. As for Jae-Won’s husband, Soon-Young finds himself in a tough spot as police arrest his wife. Will he help her? While the situation gets tense, Jae-Won’s memory loss might bring more trouble in her life. Keep reading to know more.

My Happy Ending Episode 9: Preview Hints At Yoon-Jin’s Revenge

Jae-Won is unaware of her past, and it seems things aren’t going in her favor. The preview clip of My Happy Ending Episode 9 also hints that Yoon-Jin will take advantage of this situation. She will try to manipulate Jae-Won by reminding her of their childhood memories. She also attempts to build a closer bond with Jae-Won as she is determined to destroy the latter’s life. Despite knowing about her illness, Yoon-Jin still thinks that the former is responsible for ruining her life.

However, Soon-Young seems unbothered by the situation. While things turn south, My Happy Ending Episode 9 hints at a series of traumatic events. Soon-Young gets furious as he recalls a man as Yoon-Jin’s ex-boyfriend and starts beating him. But it remains unclear why he is still bothered by Young-Jin’s ex. Meanwhile, the preview clip also hints that the DNA results are finally out, while police arrest Jae-Won for Baek Seung-Gyu’s murder. But someone appears to have framed her, and Soon-Young knows about that. That’s why he begs Yoon-Jin to have mercy on Jae-Won.

A Quick Recap!

Previously, in My Happy Ending Episode 8, Seo Jae-Won discussed her past life with her other version. She later spent her night somewhere, but once she returned home, she was a completely different person. Back to the present, Heo Soon-Young was surprised to see a different version of his wife. It quickly recalled him the memories of the time when she acted strangely. To his surprise, Jae-Won begged for forgiveness and asked to look after their daughter, while she was the one who kicked Soon-Young out of their house.

My Happy Ending Episode 9
tvN, Viki

Soon-Young was more surprised to learn that Jae-Won forgot about his cheating incident and that he wasn’t the biological father of her daughter. Later, at the office, Jae-Won started behaving like nothing had happened between her and Yoon-Jin. It made Soon-Young realize that his wife had begun suffering from the same memory loss symptoms that occurred during her high school days. He then searched for the doctor and found the medicines to cure her condition. However, Yoon-Jin decided to take advantage of this situation and created a mess for Jae-won.

My Happy Ending Episode 9: Release Date

The upcoming episode is all set to delve deeper into Jae-Won’s condition and how she will deal with the looming threat. Will things be in her favor? You will learn it on My Happy Ending Episode 9, which will air on January 27, 2024, at 9:10 pm KST. The K-drama consists of 16 episodes following a weekly release pattern, dropping two on Saturday and Sunday nights. Catch it on TV Chosun and tvN in South Korea, while the international audience can stream it on Viki and Viu. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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