Marry My Husband Episode 10
Prime Video, tvN

Marry My Husband Episode 10: Su-Min Vs. Ji-Won! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Currently, things are going quite peacefully in Ji-Won’s life when it comes to scheming against his ex-lover. The previous episode was satisfactory as the viewers saw a different version of Ji-Won. She went to extreme limits to pull off her plan. And now Marry My Husband Episode 10 hints that her plan will reach its new height when Su-Min hits the sheet with Min-Hwan. Can Ji-Won expose them? The drama is brewing; soon, it will bring more complications in Min-Hwan’s life when Ji-Hyuk reminds him of his mistakes. His scandal is about to be exposed. Keep reading to know what happens next.

Marry My Husband Episode 10: Su-Min Pushes Min-Hwan To His Limit

Ji-Won is aware of Min-Hwan’s plan. She knows the latter is planning to ruin her life. But she has another plan as she wishes to kick both Min-Hwan and Su-Min away from her life. That’s why she decides to spoil his image in front of others and even makes things financially problematic for him. And her plan takes a toll on her in-laws when they learn that Ji-Won has wholly changed. Marry My Husband Episode 10 hints that Min-Hwan’s mother won’t agree to this marriage. However, Min-Hwan will try his best to convince his mother.

Marry My Husband Episode 10
Prime Video, tvN

On the other hand, Su-Min plans to steal Min-Hwan. She prepares a steamy night with him in Marry My Husband Episode 10. Unbeknownst to her, Ji-Won is looking forward to this. Ji-Hyuk is aware of this coming and decides to make things more chaotic for Min-Hwan. Meanwhile, the latter’s mother questions Ji-Won’s standards. She even doubts her character. Despite that, Ji-Won sticks to her plan. The preview clip also suggests that the protagonist will learn another piece of news regarding her death.

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Ji-Won accepted Min-Hwan’s marriage proposal. She was all prepared that the event would soon occur, and exactly that happened. However, it brought trouble down the road for her. That was because Su-Min felt jealous and decided to ruin Ji-Won’s life. She also plotted against her and pulled her deeper into the water. Su-Min was all prepared to push Ji-Won’s life on the line.

However, Ji-Hyuk rushed to save her, and they even spent time together. After that incident, Ji-Won discussed her plans with Ji-Hyuk. She decided to create more trouble for Min-Hwan during this time. In order to do so, Ji-Won took Min-Hwan on a grand shopping spree. It was intentional as she prepared to create chaos in his life, and she even succeeded in it. Later that day, Ji-Won showed off her engagement ring in the office.

Marry My Husband Episode 10
Prime Video, tvN

While others were happy to see that, Su-Min lost her calm. She cornered Min-Hwan for a chat, which later turned into an intimate moment. Su-Min was undoubtedly prepared to steal Min-Hwan. As for Ji-Won, she surprised her in-laws with her new look.

Marry My Husband Episode 10: Release Date

The upcoming episode will reveal Ji-Won’s master plan. She is indeed plotting something grand against Min-Hwan. So, don’t miss it. Catch it on Marry My Husband Episode 10, January 30, 2024, at 20:50 KST. The K-drama follows a weekly release pattern, dropping two every Monday and Tuesday. You can catch it on Prime Video, while the South Korean audience can stream it on tvN. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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