June 16, 2024
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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Eric Surprises Nicole In Italy, A Rekindling Rising On The Horizon?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers-Nicole -Eric

Holly’s condition on DOOL, unfortunately, will remain the same in the upcoming episodes. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that the condition of Eric and Nicole’s relationship might see a change though. Nicole is currently solely focused on her daughter’s recovery and is supporting her as she gets treatment at a clinic in Italy. Meanwhile, Eric, too, feels torn over Holly’s condition. After all, he has loved her as his daughter for a long-long time. This angst may soon take him to Italy to check up on the ailing teen.


But what starts as a visit for Holly may soon take an entirely different turn for Eric and Nicole. Days of Our Lives spoilers confirm that Nicole is literally in shambles over losing her baby and now with Holly’s coma. So, when Eric checks in on Holly, he may also realize how much Nicole is in need of some support. That, of course, he would be more than willing to lend. The two may soon start reminiscing old days, and Eric may express his deep regret over bailing on her and Holly in favor of Africa.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers -Eric- Nicole -Holly
DOOL/ Eric visits Holly

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Eric And Nicole Walk Down Memory Lane

Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Eric has already voiced those regrets to Holly. But we feel Nicole deserves to know it too, and Eric might just do the needful. But if the two of them start walking down the memory lane. They may also end up reminiscing a lot more than their life with Holly. The two have this whole passionate history behind them, laced with a deep sense of love for each other. Embers of something we have seen time and again. In fact, their feelings for each other are so obvious that even EJ picks on it every time Nicole and Eric

are together in the same room.

So, if the two of them start recalling those memories, there is a very plausible chance that they may end up recreating some of that old steam. Days of Our Lives spoilers confirm that it won’t be the first time. Eric and Nicole hit the sheets under the effect of Talia’s drugged cookies. Then, they even came dangerously close when Megan kidnapped EJ.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers -Eric -Nicole- EJ
DOOL/ Eric and Nicole hug while EJ watches on

In fact, the recent Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Eric will experience some trouble in the bedroom with Sloan. So, there is a chance that when he meets Nicole, he may start feeling an intimate pull towards her. And if he makes even one move of that sort, we know Nicole would give in. She, too, needs some comfort so badly. But if this happens, where would it leave Sloan and EJ? Are these marriages really just doomed? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Tech Radar247 for more Days of Our Lives spoilers and updates

on what could happen between Eric and Nicole next!

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