June 16, 2024
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Like Flowers In Sand Episode 12: Finale! Mi-Ran Gets Missing, Baek-Du Loses It All! WATCH HERE

Like Flowers In Sand Episode 12

Baek-Du has finally reached the conclusion that the culprit is among them, which will indeed raise some eyebrows in the final episode. However, Like Flowers In Sand Episode 12 hints that his plan will somewhat backfire, and the credit goes to his investigation team. Is there a mole among them? As the K-drama edges closer to its end, it intensely focuses on impending threats and a love confession. No doubt, Baek-Du is in love with Du-Sik. But will it become a mutual thing? Will it also reveal the real reason behind Du-sik’s return? Keep reading to know that.


Like Flowers In Sand Episode 12: Preview Hints At A Love Confession

In the closing moment, the investigation team decided to create a trap for the culprit. But the preview clip of Like Flowers In Sand Episode 12 hints that the situation will go out of their hands. Baek-du, Du-sik, and their investigation team will search for Mi-Ran. That’s because she will go missing after encountering the real culprit. It hints that the culprit is one step ahead of the investigation team, leaving everyone on the verge of breaking.

While the team believes they have lost contact with Mi-Ran, it turns out that everything is going according to Baek-du’s plan. He has secretly planned an undercover mission, generally seen in movies. But luckily, his attempt helps everyone find the real culprit. It will indeed uncover the murder mystery. However, after solving the case, Du-sik will return to Seoul. Like Flowers In Sand Episode 12 also hints that Baek-Du will prepare for the next wrestling match.

His tense face makes his coach, Jin-Su, question his preparation. But he replies, “That I show” others what “I am made of.” Later, the preview clip shifts its focus to Du-Sik, who seems focused on her work. However, something keeps bothering her. That turns out to be Baek-du’s confession. Will she return to see him winning? Also, will she accept Baek-du’s confession?

A Quick Recap!

The penultimate episode began with a flashback of Baek-du’s childhood, which also focused on Mi-ran’s father. However, he appeared somewhat disturbed because of the ongoing conversation. Later, the episode shifted to the present, where everyone was more determined to uncover Chil-Seong’s murder mystery. While everyone was still on the radar, Du-sik revealed that the culprit was among them. It was later revealed that Seok-hui was the one who found the victim’s phone at the nearby reservoir.

Like Flowers In Sand Episode 12
Netflix, ENA Network

However, the investigation team later deduced that the culprit perhaps dropped the Snowball intentionally. But Baek-du later spotted Snowball on his way back home. As he approached the Snowball, he saw Pil-du edging closer to the scene. His suspicion later grew, so Baek-du began stalking Pil-du. Later that night, he learned that someone had set free Snowball, and the person looked quite similar to a ssireum player. But to uncover the details, they used Mi-ran as a lure.

Like Flowers In Sand Episode 12: Release Date

Baek-du and his team will learn about the real culprit behind the murder mystery. So, don’t miss it. Catch it on Like Flowers In Sand Episode 12, January 31, 2024, at 9 pm KST. The next episode will mark the end of this season. As of now, the network hasn’t yet revealed whether the show will return for another season. But we will update you soon. Until then, catch the final episode on Netflix, while the South Korean audience can stream it on ENA. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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