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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Chad Gives Johnny An Eerie Warning, Johnny-Chanel Marriage At Risk

It is true when they say that Real love conquers all. Days of Our Lives spoilers confirm that the soap has served the saying beautifully to the fans in the form of Johnny and Chanel. The formerly married, then divorced couple has once again found their way back to each other after defeating all trials and tribulations. The love birds are set to tie the knot soon. But a soap being a soap, threats are never too far away. Chad recently rang the alarms by pointing something ominous to Johnny. Will the bombshell end up blowing up his happily ever after with Chanel?

Johnny And Chanel Start Wedding Preps

Many fans were heartbroken when Johnny and Chanel’s marriage ended during the Devil and Possession track. Days of Our Lives spoilers say that although the two still felt something for each other deep down, they still tried to move on. Johnny tried to most recently woo Wendy Shin. Meanwhile, Chanel had a relationship with Allie and then fell hard for Talia. Unfortunately, neither of these relationships or love interests worked out for either of them. And how could it, the two are truly meant for each other.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Johnny-Chanel
DOOL/ Johnny proposes to Chanel

It was something that perhaps everyone could see but them. Or maybe they were just living in denial. So, when Wendy makes Johnny realize his true feelings, he confesses his love to Chanel. Days of Our Lives spoilers confirm that Chanel too, felt the same way for him. Thus accepting his proposition to date again. Soon enough, the lovebirds were swooning over each other. Consequently, Johnny popped the question to Chanel, and she more than happily accepted. The two then began the wedding preps. Unfortunately, Johnny was gutted when his best man offer to Chad was met with an eerie warning.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Johnny Struggles To Shake Off Chad’s Warning

Johnny and Chad are very close to each other, as a family should be. Despite the fact that both of them are DiMeras. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Johnny asked Chad to be his best man as he remarries Chanel. However, Chad stunned Johnny by telling him to rethink his decision. Being a DiMera, he knows all too well the cost that comes with being one and bringing another into the crazy fold. Chad told Johnny that by making Chanel a part of their family again, he was putting her directly in harm’s way.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Johnny- Chad
DOOL/ Chad makes an ominous premonition

Now, we understand where Chad is coming from. And it appears that Johnny is seeing it, too. Days of Our Lives spoilers say that although Johnny is still going ahead with the preparations, he can’t stop Chad’s warning from ringing in his ears. Now, Chanel, too, has been involved in many troubles of her own. The most recent one being Colin Bedford’s attacks. But could her life once again be in danger? This time, on DiMera’s accounts? Will Johnny and Chanel’s upcoming marriage end in tragedy?

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