My Happy Ending Episode 11

My Happy Ending Episode 11: Yoon-Jin Replaces Jae-Won! WATCH HERE

Since Jae-Won lost her memories, Kwon Yoon Jin has planned to use this opportunity in her favor. Well, the former has already caught her husband with Yoon Jin. And her rage complicated things, messing with Yoon Jin and Song-Young’s relationship. That’s why Yoon Jin plans to take revenge on Jae-Won. However, My Happy Ending Episode 11 suggests that this revenge mayhem will put Jae-Won’s life on the line. The last we saw that she was framed for the murder case, which she had no clue about. So, now the pressing question is: Can she prove her innocence while swimming against the current?

My Happy Ending Episode 11: Jae-Won Lands In The Psychic Facility! What’s Next?

Although the police officers set Jae-Won free, as they don’t have enough evidence to hold her captive, things won’t be in her favor. That’s because her attorney will reason that her mental health isn’t stable. It will make things more complicated for Jae-Won. This is because her unstable mental health state will come to public notice. In fact, the preview clip of My Happy Ending Episode 11 hints that Jae-Won will be transferred to the psychic facility. It also showcases Jae-Won surrounded by doctors trying to figure out her condition.

During her time away from the company, her father decides to kick Jae-Won out. However, it leaves the COO’s place vacant. Surprisingly, the teaser of My Happy Ending Episode 11 suggests that her father will appoint Kwon Yoon Jin as the new COO. The entire company is in the latter’s hands, making things more chaotic for Jae-Won. Yoon Jin also plans to steal everything from Jae-Won, even her daughter. Upon learning this, Jae-Won will completely shatter as she has nowhere to go.

A Quick Recap!

The last week’s episode began with a crime investigation. A group of police officers found Heo Soon-Young’s dead body, and on further investigation, they spotted Jae-Won’s husband’s car near the crime scene. They later deduced that it was a well-planned murder case where Soon-Young died from poisoning. Also, the victim’s hand had strap marks pointing toward that direction. The previous episode then focused on Jae-Won, who had no memories of the last night. However, before she could understand the situation, the police stormed into the room.

My Happy Ending Episode 11
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To her utter disbelief, they arrested Jae-Won for murdering her husband, Soon-Young. However, she broke down after seeing his dead body. It later led to a furious interrogation session, and since Jae-Won had lost her memory, she had no idea what had happened the previous night. It further complicated the case, where Jae-Won’s father believed they should fire her to protect their company’s name. However, since the investigation team lacked evidence against Jae-Won, they released her.

My Happy Ending Episode 11: Release Date

Can Jae-Won set herself free from the murder case? The forthcoming episode will indeed bring more trouble in Jae-Won’s life when she learns about her father’s decision. How will she react? Catch it on My Happy Ending Episode 11, February 3, 2024, at 9:10 pm KST. It is available to air on South Korean networks, such as TV Chosun and TVN. Meanwhile, the global audience can stream it on Viki and Viu. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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