Doris And Yvette Gay
Doris And Yvette Gay

Where Are Doris And Yvette Gay Now? Are The Twin Sisters Behind The Horrific Murder?

Crime knows no gender and no relationship! This fact is well proven when talking about the case of Doris and Yvette Gay. The two are known for committing a heinous crime years ago, thereby gaining notoriety. However, the two came into more limelight after a documentary was released in 2017. Available on different platforms, including Discovery Plus, it showed how manipulation and emotional blackmail can lead to something scary. Well, Doris and Yvette Gay are sisters whose backstory might make you feel sad until you realize their sin. The duo is known to have contributed to a murder case and formed a deadly trio with Renwick Gibbs. This is the reason why both are often referred to as ‘ Evil Twins.’ But do you know what exactly they did? Where are they now? Let us have a closer look at the details!

Who Are Doris And Yvette Gay?

As per the media reports, Doris and Yvette Gay were born on February 7, 1963. The two are known to have choked the foundation of family and trust. Well, being twins, they often participated in various things equally, be it sister goals or becoming criminals. But they were not always on such paths. It all started because of an abusive man, Renwick Gibbs, who was married to Ann Farris Gibbs. Well, they were not a happy couple and shared a stormy marriage. Things between them were so harsh that the two could not stand each other for a moment. This was why Ann returned to her parents’ house and left Renwick.

Doris And Yvette Gay
Yvette Gay

However, this was when things turned darker. Even though Renwick was married to Ann Farris, he shared an extramarital affair with Yvette. Reportedly, the latter even had children with him. So, whenever he was frustrated with his wife and wanted to get himself distracted, Renwick came to his girlfriend. But Yvette also suffered from his abusive nature and behavior. In fact, she was also beaten brutally by him but still chose to stay with Renwick. Furthermore, inside deets state Yvette and her twin sister, Doris, brought up the former’s children while they lived in an estranged bus. The abandoned vehicle had no running water or water facilities, but still, the two managed to live inside it.

What Did Doris And Yvette Gay Do?

In May 1990, Renwick and his wife got involved in an aggressive fight. The verbal spat grew to such an extent that he feared Ann would leave him. Besides this, Renwick was also angry at the fact that her parents always took Farris’s side and sidelined him. So, he planned to get rid of all this and, hence, planned to murder the members of the Farris family. To invite Yvette into his plan, Renwick assured her to marry her after Ann was out of their way. So, for the sake of her children, she agreed and got involved in the plan. Not only this, but she also insisted her sister, Doris, help them in their plan. 

Well, initially, Doris was reluctant to do so but eventually agreed upon it. According to the incidents shown in the documentary, it was on May 30, 1990, that the murder took place. Going by the incidents shown in the show, Doris stayed on the bus as she was with Yvette’s children while the latter and Renwick were on their way to Farris’s house situated in Washington, North Carolina. As the two reached there, they realized that Ann and her father were missing inside. Despite Yvette and Renwick having a chance to finish them off, lacked their target. However, the duo was not ready to return empty-handed. 

Doris And Yvette Gay
Yvette Gay

What Happened Next?

So, what they did next might be bone-chilling! Renwick and Yvette decided to barge into the house, and they did. As the two went inside, they found Ann’s mother, Louise Farris, and her teenage children, William and Shamika. Initially, Yvette did not intend to kill them; instead held them at gunpoint for a long time. But as the criminals thought of leaving the house, the Farris family members were killed, or we can say murdered, more exactly. However, before running away, Renwick and Yvette robbed the house to make the case fall into the category of robbery and then returned to the bus. Not only this, but Renwick also arrived at the crime scene the latter day to make things seem natural. However, what did Doris and Yvette Gay do is not known!

Where Are Doris And Yvette Gay Now?

Well, according to the official records, Ann’s father had already spotted Renwick on the crime scene the same day of the murder. So, he eventually suspected his involvement in the entire case. Furthermore, during the investigation, Renwick made contradictory statements. However, later on, he confessed to committing the crime and murdering three members of the Farris family. After some time, Yvette was also found involved in the crime, but she consistently cited his passive involvement in the murders. But how did the case get centred on Doris And Yvette Gay?

However, even after consistent negotiations, the jury did not agree. As a result, Yvette was sentenced to death after being held accountable for first-degree burglary, active involvement in the murder, and a single count of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. On the other hand, Doris received three terms of imprisonment for three charges of second-degree murder. Furthermore, as per the details shown in Evil Twins: Hell Hath No Fury, Yvette’s death sentence was converted into life imprisonment. This was because the court ruled that she was not in her mental capacity during her involvement in the crime. So, where are Doris And Yvette Gay now?

Doris And Yvette Gay
Evil Twins: Hell Hath No Fury

Who Is Granted Parole?

Coming to the current whereabouts, Doris and Yvette Gay are on different terms. While the former is already said to have been granted parole in 2012, Yvette is still reported to be in the Anson Correctional Institution in North Carolina. For those who are unknown, Yvette cannot be granted parole as the court has not given any such possibility. Furthermore, even if Doris is out of prison, she is leading a secretive life as no current details are known to date.

For those who are unknown, Evil Twins: Hell Hath No Fury is said to be the sixth episode of Evil Twins Season 4 that premiered in 2017. If you wish to watch the documentary, it is available on Discovery Plus, Investigation Discovery, and even Amazon Prime Video. You can also buy the episodes on Google Play Movies and iTunes. So, this is all about Doris And Yvette Gay that we know. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For more updates, keep coming back to TECH RADAR 247!

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