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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: A Mysterious Catherina Enters The Fold As John Revisits His “The Pawn” Past

Exciting times lay ahead on the Peacock soap, as per Days of Our Lives Spoilers. Konstantin entered the fold a while ago as Victor’s old friend but has off-late become a mainstay in Salem. Of course, this is all due to his malicious intentions toward usurping a large part of Victor’s wealth that Maggie inherited. Steve and John sniffed out his rotten intentions and recently tried to pluck him out of Salem.

Unfortunately for Jack, their interaction brought back a flood of memories for Konstantin that he now intends to use against the man. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that in the upcoming episodes, Konstantin recalls an explosive past story involving John as ‘The Pawn’ and a lady named Catherina that unfolded decades ago in Greece.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers -John-Konstantin
DOOL/ Konstantin puts John in a trance

While he refrains from telling the whole story just yet. He tells John enough details that leave him extremely disturbed. To the point that he momentarily enters a trace of compliance. The point where Konstantin is even able to command John to hold a gun to his own head.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Konstantin Uses Catherina To Torture John

Now, the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that actress Ellie Patrikios has joined the cast as Catherina. She will feature in a series of recreated flashback scenes of an incident that occurred in Greece back in the day. There is a possibility that she may have become a causality at John’s hands while he was still under mind control. Interestingly, British actress Ellie happens to be bilingual – and speaks fluent Greek. So, her linguistics will certainly add a layer of authenticity to her character, as well as the Greece-based storyline.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers -Ellie-Catherina
DOOL/ Ellie Patrikios enters as Catherina

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Konstantin will soon gain an upper hand on John as he will be able to control John using the red-card. So, it remains to be seen what havoc Konstantin will make by triggering and pushing John into his “Pawn” mode. Meanwhile, John will also confide some intel in his trusted friend – Steve. However, Steve intends to avoid giving his friend too much information about the past as he does not want to trigger painful memories.

This will indeed push Steve to choose between John and Konstantin; perhaps he might get rid of the latter. This makes us wonder if the phone call that Xandy received might have come from Steve and not Stefan. But if that is the case, will Xander take up the assignment? Either way, Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Steve’s plans of “offing” Konstantin will go off the rails.

So, watch out for an interesting battle of wits between these seasoned players of Salem. Stay tuned to Tech Radar247 for more Days of Our Lives spoilers on “The Pawn” storyline.

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