June 18, 2024
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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Alex And Kristen Team Up With A Motive As Brady-Theresa Grow Closer

Days of Our Lives Spoilers-Kristen-Alex

The web of relationships is always a complicated mess on DOOL in the best soapiest manner. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that in the upcoming episodes, some new alliances are going to be forged to safeguard the already existing one. But if an old flame is reignited, all the relationships that some characters are currently watering will go for a tumultuous toss. The spoilers hint that Alex and Kristina may join forces to prevent that from happening. But can they really? Let’s find out!


Brady And Theresa Bond Over A Combined Ache

Currently, Brady and Theresa are facing their worst fears on the Peacock soap. Days of Our Lives spoilers recall that their son Tate is unfairly accused of causing Holly’s drug overdose. Consequently, he is now trapped at a juvenile center awaiting trial. Well, at least the place is a whisker better than the torture chamber Statesville had become for him. In the upcoming episodes, Tate writes letters to his parents as he misses them while he is trapped in isolation, away from his family.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Theresa-Brady
DOOL/ Brady and Theresa bond over Tate

Days Of Our Lives spoilers say that Brady and Theresa will compare their letters next week. As the two mull together over Tate’s ordeal. They are doing their best to help their son. Yet, somehow, they feel that they are failing him. In such dark times, there is no one else other than the two of them who understands each other’s pain. After all, they are enduring the very same pain and the same cause. Thus, it is inevitable that the former lovers will begin to come closer. But will they come so dangerously close that they end up reigniting their old romance? Let’s not forget they have already shared a kiss recently!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Alex And Kristina Scheme

Recently, Alex walked into utter shock when he saw Brady and Theresa kissing. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers ascertain that Alex let it slide owing to Theresa not being in her best senses at that point. However, he does confront Brady over his “real” feelings for Theresa. Brady rejects the accusations and asserts that he does not harbor any romantic feelings for his ex. But we have a feeling that the statement is going to be debunked soon. We’ve been soap fans long enough to know how these things play out!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers -Alex-Theresa
DOOL/ Alex fears losing Theresa

Hence, it is totally understandable that Alex has his fears. Perhaps that’s what eventually leads him to form an unlikely, or shall we say, “unholy” alliance with Kristina! The two will catch up next week to discuss the growing closeness between Theresa and Brady. Now, Alex has been really understanding and forgiving over a lot of things. But conspiring with Kristina is not going to be a good look for him. Moreover, a ploy with her never ends well for anyone, not even for herself!

So, if you ask us, our boy Alex is playing with fire! Do you think if the truth about their scheming spills out, it’ll just push Brady and Theresa further into each other’s arms? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Tech Radar247 for more Days of Our Lives spoilers

on this upcoming dramatic twist.

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