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Days Of Our Lives: Ari Zucker Speaks Her Heart Out And Clarifies Her Stance On Her Lawsuit Against DOOL Producers

The long-running soap Days of Our Lives has once again found itself in the nether of a huge controversy. Fans will remember that not too long ago, the soap’s executive producer, Albert Alarr, was accused of sexual harassment. Subsequently, he was released from duty after the matter became an outrage. Now, DOOL’s leading lady, Arianna Zucker, has once again brought the matter to the surface. She is suing the producers of the soap – Ken Corday and Albert Alarr, for sexual harassment, misconduct, and wrongful termination. Read below for more details.

Days Of Our Lives Star Recites Her Ordeal

After the lawsuit became breaking news, representatives of Days of Our Lives producers asserted that Arianne Zucker’s claims were baseless and “without merit.” However, now, to clarify her stance, the renowned actress read out a detailed statement spelling out all the attributes of her side of the story. In a video shared by Deadline, she began by introducing herself as “Ari Zucker” and pointed out her association with the soap since February 1998. She asserted that she absolutely loves the soap and has remained loyal to it and the producers.

Days of Our Lives -Arianne
DOOL/ Arianne Zucker makes startling revelations

Despite that, she has been met with such injustice and wrongful behavior. This is perhaps why it stings her so much. Ari Zucker shared that for the longest time, she has acted as a sounding board for many of her female co-stars and crew members who have been dealing with sexual harassment at the hands of Days of Our Lives executive producer – Albert Alarr. She asserted that she herself had fallen victim to his malicious misconduct.

Furthermore, Ari offered that many of the soap’s female cast and crew dropped down to recurring. Or refused to return altogether because they didn’t want to deal with Alarr. The Days of Our Lives star insisted that despite the constant issues, the actresses and crew chose to remain silent because they feared they would not be paid heed. Or even worse, get fired. Dejectedly, Ari accepted that they were all correct in their fears. That’s because she is now facing wrongful termination, all because she decided to speak up.

Arianne Zucker Claims Being Fired Over Voicing Harassment

The Days of Our Lives actress recalls that the first time she brought up the issue with the soap’s owner, Ken Corday, he refused to speak to her in person. After much struggle, she came in touch with Sony HR. Ari pointed out that she had to go to Sony because DOOL did not have an HR on sets. Furthermore, she recalled that even after the investigation began, Alarr was still allowed to direct and produce. That left her and other cast members rather confused. It was only after some of the cast members spoke anonymously to Deadline that things changed on the set.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers -Corday - Alarr
DOOL/ Ken Corday and Albert Alarr face lawsuit

After Deadline carried two articles about the harassment accusations against Days of Our Lives producers, Alarr was finally removed. However, that didn’t make things any easier for Arianne. She claims to have received two consecutive pay reduction requests. And ultimately, the soap wrote her off. Her lawyer, Anahita, had to intervene to get her back on the show in August 2023.

Unfortunately, it appears that she is facing the same fate yet again. As she earlier pointed out, the production let her contract run out. And are now wrongfully terminating her without an actual real negotiation. Lastly, Ari shrugged that she was happy to be out of there. However, is sad that she won’t be available on sets anymore to be a voice for those who really need her. After going through her statement, do you think the lawsuit is justified?

Tell us your opinion in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Tech Radar 247 for more Days of Our Lives spoilers and news updates. You can watch the full video below.

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