Marry My Husband Episode 14
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Marry My Husband Episode 14: Ji-Won Plays The Master Card! What’s Next?

As the K-drama progresses, every character’s lives become way more twisted with each other. So far, the only threat to Ji-Won’s life was Min-Hwan and Soo-Min. But now Ji-Hyuk’s ex-fiancee Yu-Ra also poses a danger to the pair. And Marry My Husband Episode 14 hints that she will seek someone’s help to implement her evil plan. Will that person be Min-Hwan? The situation seems a bit tense here since the latter is dealing with serious problems. Will he support Yu-Ra’s plan? Keep reading to know that!

Marry My Husband Episode 14: Min-Hwan Changes His Side!

TVN recently dropped the preview clip of Marry My Husband Episode 14, focusing on Yu-Ra’s determination. She is determined to end Ji-Won’s life to win back Ji-Hyuk. However, the latter has already made up his mind and wants to stay with Ji-Won. But it will indeed add more complications to the pair’s lives. This is because, in the preview clip, Yu-Ra seems to scheme against Ji-Won, so she seeks someone’s help.

On the other hand, Min-hwan has conflicting thoughts. While Yu-Ra has already manipulated him, he falls into Ji-won’s trap. He hears the rumors that the latter has 80 million won, and upon learning this information, he decides to seduce Ji-Won. Unbeknownst to him, she already knows his plan and chooses to play along. Marry My Husband Episode 14 hints that Ji-Won already knows that Min-Hwan is bound to cheat his wife, who is destined to die. So, she decides to play the master card without informing her moves to Ji-Hyuk. Will it work in her favor?

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode opened up with a bigger shocker as Ji-hyuk’s car got hit by a truck in order to save Ji-won’s life. He was soon rushed to the hospital, and later, his family arrived there. However, Ji-hyuk was left unconscious, and it didn’t appear he would recover immediately. While Ji-Won dealt with the accident ordeal, she received Ji-hyuk’s voice message. In the voice note, he confesses his romantic feelings for Ji-Won and even reveals how he died and returned to save Ji-won.

Soon, the episode took the viewers back to where Ji-Hyuk’s ex-fiancee, Yu-Ra, met Min-Hwan. She managed to manipulate the latter and asked to kill Ji-Won. After this meeting, Min-hwan revealed the nefarious plan to Soo-min, who encouraged her father- who had cheated her mom with Ji-won’s mother- to kill Ji-Won. While initially he refused to do so, Soo-min forced him to follow her order.

Marry My Husband Episode 14
tvN, Prime Video

But instead of Ji-Won, he hit Ji-Hyuk’s car. Back to the present, Soo-min confronted Ji-Won. However, the latter told her to watch her back. Eventually, Ji-hyuk finally came to consciousness and confessed his feelings for Ji-Won. As for her, she responded the same.

Marry My Husband Episode 14: Release Date

The forthcoming episode will see Yu-Ra plotting her next ploy against Jin-Won. But will her plan work in her favor? Catch it on Marry My Husband Episode 14, February 13, 2024, at 8:50 pm KST. The all-new episode airs every Monday and Tuesday night, with a runtime of around 60 minutes long. The local Korean audience can catch it on tvN, while the global audience can stream it on Prime Video. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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