May 30, 2024

The Chosen Season 5: Prepares For “Horrific Period,” Claims Creator Dallas Jenkins

The Chosen Season 5

The faith-based American historical drama The Chosen has been making waves since it debuted in December 2017. The first four seasons were undoubtedly epic, making the series one of the most-watched Christian dramas ever. However, the audience now wonders whether Dallas Jenkins will return with The Chosen Season 5. Although the fourth season was a massive hit, the chances for the next season remain in jeopardy. That’s because the series follows a slightly different production style. But don’t fret! This is because we have a brilliant update for you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s head to see what the future holds for The Chosen.


But for the unversed, The Chosen follows the life of Jesus Christ. The series takes place in the first century Galilee, where Jesus began inviting people of different backgrounds to join his ministry. Soon, many got attracted by his miracles and joined the group to travel through Samaria. As the show unfolded, it focused on Jesus and his ministry journey from Samaria to Syria and Judea. However, after Jesus and his ministry gained popularity, it quickly attracted societal and political groups, creating chaos for his disciples. Despite everything, Jesus and his group continued to travel while his disciples struggled to stay true to his mission. Will they leave him? Let’s see! 

Is The Chosen Season 5 Officially Renewed?

The historical drama has recently dropped the fourth season. However, there’s a twist! The first three episodes of The Chosen Season 4 aired in theatres in the US and Canada, following a slightly different pattern than the standard style. And since only three episodes have aired, it’s too early to guess the future of The Chosen Season 5. In fact, season 5 hasn’t been confirmed yet. But no need to fret! This is because the production has recently dropped the most-anticipated update.

The Chosen Season 5
The Chosen

As per the reports, the writing work is already on the wall. That means more episodes are on the horizon. So, it’s safe to say that The Chosen Season 5 is imminent. But unlike the other TV shows, The Chosen is not produced based on the production budget. Instead, the series is crowdfunded and thus relies on donations. Suppose there are enough donations to carry on with the following season. In that case, Loaves & Fishes Productions, Angel Studios, and Out of Order Studios, the studio houses behind the series, will definitely return with another season.

However, nothing can stop the Christian drama from returning. This is because the first three episodes of The Chosen Season 4 were a blockbuster hit. It earned $6 million within the first week of its debut, sufficient to continue with the series. However, it is unclear whether the studio houses will use the box office revenue to produce The Chosen Season 5. But the official website has already revealed that the funding for the next season has already begun. Considering this, we can say that season 5 of The Chosen will return sooner or later.

Dallas Jenkins Envisions Three More Seasons

The Chosen Season 5
The Chosen

While many wonder whether The Chosen Season 5 will happen, the series creator Jenkins addressed the chances for the next season. In an interview with Deadline, Jenkins revealed that he had already finished writing the fifth season because he was already aware of the storyline. Although they have mapped the storyline, the scripts haven’t been written yet. Further, in the interview, Jenkins revealed that he had planned to continue for season 7. As per the creator, the seventh season will focus on the resurrection. Thus, there is room for more to explore in season 5 of The Chosen.

The Chosen Season 5 Cast

Although nothing is known about The Chosen Season 5, it’s speculated that the main cast of the series will return. They will return to continue their story arc and play a significant role in the biblical story. Considering this, Jonathan Roumie will return as Jesus Christ, as the story is centered on his character only. Besides him, his twelve disciples will likely return. These include Elizabeth Tabish as Mary Magdelene, Shahar Isaac as Simon, and George Xanthis as John.

Austin Reed Alleman as Nathanael will return with Alaa Zafi as Simon the Zealot. Yoshi Barrigas, Giavani Cairo, and Joey Vahedi will return as Phillip, Thadeus, and Thomas, respectively. The Chosen Season 5 will likely see the return of Luke Dimyan as Judas, Paras Patel as Matthew, and Jordan Walker Ross as Little James. The rest of the cast members include Abe Martel as Big James and Noah James as Andrew.

The Chosen Season 5 Storyline: What Will Happen Next?

The fourth season has yet to wrap up its storyline. Hence, what will happen next in The Chosen Season 5 remains unclear. However, since The Chosen is based on the Bible, the fifth season will likely see an increase in political tensions. Jesus and his ministry have already gained societal and political attention, raising the tension among the disciples and the rest of the people. While things get messy, Jesus will continue to spread his message throughout the land.

The Chosen Season 5
The Chosen

However, his gospel will see more and more opposition. That will lead to the beginning of the most horrific period when the Sanhedrin, an elite Jewish council, arrests Jesus, accusing him of blasphemy. But since Jenkins is currently working on expanding the feathers of Jesus’ discipline, The Chosen Season 5 will likely focus more on spreading his gospel. With the increase in its popularity, it will eventually lead to the trial and death of Jesus sooner in the sixth season.

How Many Episodes Of The Chosen Season 4 Have Aired?

As we have already said, The Chosen Season 4 has already dropped the first three episodes in theaters in Canada and the US at 2,300 theatres. The episodes will remain in theaters from February 1 to February 14, 2024. Meanwhile, the remaining episodes will follow the five-week run format. Hence, episodes four to six will air on February 15-28, 2024, while the final two will air on February 29, 2024.

While the first three seasons aired on the CW in 2023, whether The Chosen Season 4 will debut on the same network remains unclear. Although it stands uncertain, as per the source, The Chosen will air on The CW. It will air every Sunday on the CW at 8 pm MT. We will update you shortly after any official news is dropped.

The Chosen Season 5: Release Date

The Chosen Season 5
The Chosen

Fans are quite curious to know when season 5 of The Chosen will come out upon learning that the fifth season is on the horizon. However, the series has yet to start filming the fifth season. But since the fifth season has already been written, it will undergo production sometime in mid-2024. If this happens, The Chosen Season 5 will be released in 2025. Besides this, Lionsgate is working as the distributor partner of the series.

So, there is a chance that the show will likely make its Hollywood debut. As of now, nothing has been confirmed. But we will update you soon. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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