April 23, 2024

The Chi Season 6 Part 2: Release Window Out! But Will Kevin Return After A Teary Goodbye?

The Chi Season 6 Part 2

There’s no denying that The Chi is one of the most famous American drama series on Showtime. Since its debut in 2018, it has built a great fandom, and fans of all demos are looking forward to its next installment. So, will there be The Chi Season 6 Part 2? After watching the dramatic cliffhanger, the audience looks forward to hearing pleasant news. And guess what? We do have delightful news for The Chi fandom. So, without wasting time, let’s head to see what the future holds for the next season.


Created by Lena Waithe, The Chi follows the lives of the Southside of Chicago’s residents. While everything was going smoothly in their lives, some fateful events entangled them, bringing Brandon, Emmett, Ronnie, and Kevin together. However, the quadrant phased complications while navigating their lives. But their bond became stronger time and time again. While it helped them pave their future and bring peace to their lives, The Chi Season 6’s first part cliffhanger suggests something terrible will take place. What will it be? Keep reading to know that.

Will There Be The Chi Season 6 Part 2?

Rejoice fans! Showtime’s popular drama series The Chi will return with Part 2. The streaming platform picked The Chi Season 6 back in August 2022. In fact, the renewal came before the season 5 could ever wrap up airing. Well, there’s no doubt that the show is a digital standout. Since its debut, the show has performed incredibly well. Even as per the reports, Season 5 set a new record by witnessing a rise of over 20% in viewership from last season.

The Chi Season 6 Part 2

Thus, there’s no brainer as to why the streaming platform wants to return with The Chi Season 6. However, due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, the show couldn’t produce 16 episodes. Hence, the streaming platform later split the season into two halves. The first eight episodes had already finished airing in September 2023. However, it’s been a few months since the audiences haven’t heard about The Chi Season 6 Part 2. But don’t fret! This is because Paramount has already cited that the next part is around the corner.

The Chi Season 6 Topped The Streaming Chart

Since its debut, The Chi has been a part of Showtime. However, in August 2023, Paramount merged its two streaming services- Showtime and Paramount+. It was the first time when Showtime’s scripted series landed on Paramount+. While it was part of an experiment, the premiere attracted more than 1.8 million viewers, becoming the most-watched pilot episode ever in the series’ history.

In fact, the President and CEO of Showtime/MTV Entertainment and Paramount Media Networks, Chris McCarthy, talked about the series’ massive success. Chris told Variety that The Chi Season 6 Part 1‘s record-breaking performance made them continue with the merger of Paramount+ and Showtime. He also acknowledged Lena’s work for bringing such a compelling story and rich characters onto the screen.

The Chi Season 6 Part 2
Paramount Plus

Domenic DiMeglio, Paramount Streaming’s EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, also commented on the series’ performance. Domenic said it was a great pleasure to see such an engagement. This new experiment helped them build a brand-new audience, and now they are working on boosting their reception with The Chi Season 6 Part 2.

How Many Episodes Of The Chi Season 6 Are Left To Release?

As mentioned above, Season 6 of The Chi has 16 episodes. However, the series was split into two parts due to writers’ and actors’ strikes. Now that eight episodes have already been aired on Paramount+, only eight are left to explore in The Chi Season 6 Part 2. However, after the network announced the expansion of the series, fans remained confused. But the expansion has nothing to do with the increase in the episode count. According to the official reports, the sixth season will only consist of 16 episodes- eight in both parts.

The Chi Season 6 Part 2: Filming Has Already Begun!

The first part of the sixth episode wrapped up airing on September 24, 2023. However, the streaming platform had yet to announce the filming details of The Chi Season 6 Part 2 back then. It left fans wondering whether the series could return soon. However, in December 2023, a source confirmed that part 2 resumed filming. Since the series takes almost six to seven months to wrap up filming, the second part is likely under production. But we will update you soon.

The Chi Season 6 Part 2 Cast Details

While The Chi began with Jason Mitchell, Ntare Mwine, Jacob Latimore, and Alex R. Hibbert taking center stage, the show has seen several goodbyes during its six-season span. Jason’s Brandon and Ntare’s Ronnie left the show quite early. So, neither of the actors will return. However, Jacob’s Emmett will return for The Chi Season 6 Part 2, as plenty of stories are left to explore. Yolonda Ross as Jada Washington, Rolando Boyce as Darnell, and Shamon Brown Jr. as Papa will also return for the next round.

The Chi Season 6 Part 2
Paramount Plus

Joining them will be Michael V. Epps as Jake Taylor, Birgundi Baker as Kiesha Williams, and Luke James as Victor “Trig” Taylor. Curtiss Cook as Otis “Douda” Perry will also join The Chi Season 6 Part 2. Besides them, the recurring cast includes Kandi Burruss as Roselyn Perry and Lynn Whitfield as Alicia. Carolyn Michelle Smith as Deja, Vic Mensa as Jamal, and Jason Weaver as Shaad will also return.

The second part will also see the return of Iman Shumpert as Rob, L’lerret Jazelle as Fatima, and Nia Jervier as Tierra. The rest of the cast includes Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson as Bakari, Joel Steingold as Marcus St. John, and Genesis Denise Hale as Maisha. Judae’a Brown as Jemma St. Brown, Tyla Abercrombie as Nina, and Miriam A. Hyman as Dre will also join. The Chi Season 6 Part 2 will also see Tai Davis as Tracy Roxboro and Zaria Imani Primer as Lynae.

But Is Kevin Leaving The Chi Season 6 Part 2?

Alex R. Hibbert, who played Kevin, had been enlisted as the main cast of The Chi. Throughout the run, the character has seen a change in his life. Kevin has seen a lot, from struggling with girls to becoming a successful gamer. However, Kevin surprised everyone by announcing his relocation to Los Angeles for a job offer. He told Papa and Jake he was forever grateful for Chicago in part one’s mid-season. Kevin also promised to make his friends proud.

While the ending baffled everyone, Kevin’s actor, Alex, confirmed his exit. He took to X to announce his departure from The Chi. Alex drafted a heartfelt message for his fans, stating that he had spent seven years on the show. For the unversed, Alex joined the series when he was just 19, and thus, the show played a key role in shaping his career.

Shortly then, Alex posted a farewell Instagram post saying he would carry the lessons he had learned. As per the source, Alex left the series because he was busy with new projects. The actor has also participated in various big projects like Moonlight, Good Burger 2, and Black Panther.

However, Alex Isn’t The First Character Who Left The Show!

If you remember, Jason Mitchell played a central role in The Chi. However, the actor left the series just after two successful seasons. But later, it was revealed that Jason was fired from the show for several harassment complaints. According to Essence, Tiffany Boone, who played Jason’s Brandon love interest, accused him of sexual misconduct. She stated that she felt uncomfortable while sharing a stage with him. It later affected the series’ reputation, leading to the abrupt departure of both Jason and Tiffany.

The Chi Season 6 Part 2
Paramount Plus

Later on, another prominent actor left the series for controversial reasons. As per the source, Barton Fitzpatrick, who played Reg, left The Chi after finding his love interest to be a transgender woman. However, Borton never commented on the same. Shortly after his exit, the storyline focused on Borton’s older brother, Luke James, and his transgender girlfriend, played by Jasmine Davis. But in 2022, Jasmine also left the series, citing the “toxic environment” made her quit. The Chi had been shining for several years despite the core characters having left the series.

Who Is The Chi Cast Season 6 Trans Character?

It’s not the first time The Chi has brought a trans character to the screen. But after Jasmine left the series a few seasons after her debut, The Chi brought another trans character to the picture. It was none other than Fatima, played by L’lerret Jazelle. The actress is a Baltimore native advocating for LGBTQ rights, Black identity politics, and feminist studies. Fatima’s storyline blended perfectly with Jazelle’s true self, exploring the deeper connection between the two.

The Chi Season 6 Part 2: What To Expect Next?

Although the streaming platform has yet to reveal the synopsis of The Chi Season 6 Part 2, the next part is believed to pick up from whether it was left. Emmett will struggle to make a work-life balance. His personal life is already on the verge of breaking, so he needs to take care of it as well as his business. Since Kevin has left the series, the next part will showcase how things have changed for Jake and Papa, as they have stayed together with the formal. On the other hand, Douda will go whatever pleases him the most.

The Chi Season 6 Part 2
Paramount Plus

He has already proved that he is determined enough to break the law. However, things won’t be good for them since Douda and Victor had a head-to-head tussle in the previous part. Over with Pastor Jackson, he is dead, so he won’t return for the next arc. However, his death will play a significant role in The Chi Season 6 Part 2, messing up many storylines. While the next part will also see more romantic encounters, some couples’ dynamics will be tested. These include Jemma and Jake and Emmett and Keisha.

The Chi Season 6 Part 2: Release Date

As we have stated earlier, the filming for Season 6 Part 2 started in December 2023. So, it will take some time to wrap up filming and post-production work. Considering this, the series won’t return shortly. But no need to fret! This is because the network has already announced that The Chi Season 6 Part 2 will be released in 2024.

Although a tentative date is out, the streaming platform has yet to reveal an official The Chi Season 6 Part 2 release date. But don’t worry! We will update you after learning the official announcement. Till then, stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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