May 30, 2024
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Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 3: Do-Hyuk And K’s Big Showdown!

Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 3

Since Matthew Lee and his minions returned, the viewers can’t stay calm, as they are eager to know the next revenge journey. And guess what? The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 3 preview clip suggests that Matthew, aka K, will strike back when he faces his biggest enemy ever. But who will be that person? Is it the person from the past or someone new like Michelle? While wild guesses are running, the K-drama hints that something more dramatic, intense, and unpredictable will happen in K’s world. What? Keep reading to know that.


Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 3: Do Hyuk Returns To Claim K’s Empire!

A lot has happened in the previous episode of Escape of The Seven Season 2. K was almost about to get arrested when Chairman Geum Ra Hee interfered and helped him free from the charges. While it appeared as a brilliant save, it later revealed that Ra Hee was actually planning Do-Hyuk’s comeback. Her plan finally succeeded when K himself decided to free Do-Hyuk’s name from all the wrong allegations. But with the dramatic ending, the question arises: What will Do-Hyuk’s next move be to create panic among K and his empire?

Well, the Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 3 preview clip hints that Do-Hyuk will soon face K, aka Mathew. In the last scene of the previous episode, Do-Hyuk pays a visit to K and even reveals his true identity. While trouble still looms over him, he challenges K. Do-Hyuk knows pretty well that K can’t back down on his words. Otherwise, it will create problems for him only. So, the former will do anything to use this opportunity in his favor.

Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 3
Viu, Viki

However, K’s minions are aware that something is wrong. So, they all meet to figure out who the mole in their team is. The preview clip also suggests that each begins the blame game and even goes beyond torturing others to seek the answer. But while things get out of their hands, the team seeks police help to learn more about Do-Hyuk’s survival. As for K, he is fighting for his life as Do-Hyuk is back and can reveal his big secret.

But that’s not all! Now, K can’t back down on his words. He has taken responsibility for Do-Hyuk and revealed that the latter isn’t Shim Jun-Seok. That means the police are in search of the real Jun-Seok, who is none other than K himself. Just to keep himself safe, K will soon bring Do-Hyuk into his business and try to tag him along to keep an eye on him. But Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 3 suggests Do-Hyuk will make things more challenging for K when he decides to drop the intel of K’s company.

Chairman Ra Hee Double Crosses K

Escape Of The Seven Seas on 2 Episode 3 drops another preview clip that suggests Ra Hee is hiding a big secret from everyone. It looks like she blames K and others for her daughter’s disappearance and wants Do-Hyuk to provide justice. Ra Hee is even planning some big moves. However, she needs to learn more about K’s plan to use Children’s Home in her favor. Once she gets access to this, she might strike back and make things uncomfortable for K. However, as of now, it remains unclear how things will move.

Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 3: Release Date

Since K is free from the charges, he needs to work on joining forces with Save’s CEO. But can he get what he wants? Well, Save’s CEO is ahead of K, so things might not be easy for him. But one thing is sure: It will indeed bring plenty of challenges, backstabbing, and plotting on the way. So, don’t miss it. Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 3 will air on April 5, 2024, at 10 pm KST on SBS. Meanwhile, the international audience can catch it on Viu and Viki. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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