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Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 6: Do Ra & Pil Seung Hit The Sheets? Are They Official Now?

Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 6

After a rollercoaster ride, fans are in to learn more about Do Ra and Pil Seung’s backstory. Just when she asks Pil Seung whether they have met before, the viewers are curious to know whether he will tell the truth. However, Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 6 hints that this mystery will take time to uncover. That’s because Pil Seung will be busy dealing with other problems that might include his romantic life. Is he not single? Well, the preview hints that he will soon end up with someone. Who will be that person? Let’s find out.

Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 6: Pil Seung Cuddles With Do Ra! What’s Next?

A lot happened in the fifth episode, where Pil Seung fought with his family and insisted they stay away from his dating life. Despite that, his mother urged him to go on a blind date with a wealthy woman. That pissed him off, as he didn’t want to spend time with someone whom he didn’t know. While his family continues messing around, the preview of Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 6 suggests he will soon find himself between love triangles.

Has it something to do with Do Ra? Well, it looks like, though! That’s because the Kdrama recently dropped new images of the upcoming episode that hint Do Ra and Pil Seung will get closer. In the latest snaps, the two appear to be working on their upcoming project. While Do Ra flirts with her co-star Cha Bong Song, Pil Seung gets jealous as dealing with such behavior becomes hard for him. Despite that, he decides to ignore Do Ra, who continues with her revenge plan to destroy Bi Bi.

But things will go differently than planned by Pil Seung. That’s because Bi Bi and Do Ra’s fight will force him to interfere and stop the ugly situation. Just when he gets involved, Bi Bi hits Do Ra, pinning her to the ground. However, Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 6 suggests that Pil Seung will save her, leading to a romantic moment between the two. The pair will soon share some sweet cuddles before parting their ways. It will soon raise some eyebrows, especially Bi Bi’s, who will take this as an opportunity to destroy Do Ra.

On the other hand, Bi Bi’s crush, Cha Bong Song, hits the sheet with a random person, quickly making things dramatic for him. He knows that his acting career has just started, so he can’t take such a risk to destroy his career. But will this news surface in the media? Although nothing hasn’t been revealed yet, this news will definitely make Bi Bi mad. Can she deal with the issues?

Do Ra’s Grandmother Hides A Big Secret

Meanwhile, Do Ra’s grandmother is hiding something that might spoil Do Ra’s life. As we already know, Do Ra and Pil Seung have known each other since childhood. So, Do Ra’s grandmother would be familiar with Pil Seung’s mom. But when Pil Seung’s mom greets Do Ra’s grandmother in Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 6, the latter tries to avoid contact with the formal. This suspicious behavior quickly makes everyone speculate that the grandmother is hiding something. So, is Do Ra’s background not as clear as it looks?

Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 6: Release Date

Since that meeting, the audience is now eager to know whether the grandmother has something to tell. But will it expose Do Ra? You will learn it on Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 6, which will air on April 7, 2024, at 19:55 KST. Each episode airs every Saturday and Sunday night with a runtime of around an hour long. Viewers from the South Korean region can watch it on KBS2, while the global audience can watch it on Viki. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

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