May 30, 2024
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Queen Of Tears Episode 10: Hyun Woo Vows To DESTROY Eun Seong! Will Hae In Help?

Queen Of Tears Episode 10

Since Yoon Eun Seong backstabbed the Chaebol Queens Group, things have changed a lot for the Hong family. Their status, power, and lifestyle have changed. However, they aren’t alone in this battle as Queen Of Tears Episode 10 suggests that Hyun Woo vows to help his ex-wife get back on her feet. But will Hae-In trust her former husband’s intention? Well, the situation is pretty challenging now. So, let’s see how things will play out now.


Queen Of Tears Episode 10: Heartbreak And Deception! What’s Next?

After the conglomerate’s failure, the Hong family was forced to leave their luxurious life behind and live an ordinary one. But not only did they leave their wealth behind, but many relationships also suffered because of this loss. Hae-In and her husband Hyun Woo already signed the divorce papers in Queen Of Tears Episode 8. However, Hyun Woo decided to help Hae In, so after Eun Seong snatched everything from Queens Group, the former provided shelter to his in-laws.

With his grand gesture, the Hong family decides to move in with Hyun Woo’s family. However, the preview of Queen Of Tears Episode 10 suggests Hae In’s brother, Hong Soo Cheol, will struggle to deal with the changes. That’s because his marriage will suffer when his wife, Cheon Da Hye, decides to settle abroad. Not only will she leave her husband behind, but Da Hye will also sign the divorce papers, making things more challenging for Soo Cheol. After facing such a miserable situation, Soo Cheol will struggle to navigate a normal life.

As for Hae In, she doubts Hyun Woo’s intention. Well, she knows they have legally separated. Despite that, the couple lives together, and Hyun Woo tries his best to provide a great life for Hae In and her family. This makes her wonder whether he still loves her. Surprisingly, Queen Of Tears Episode 10 suggests that Hyun Woo is still in love with Hae In and wants to stay with her forever. But he is also determined to take down Eun Seong, who’s now enjoying the Hong Family’s wealth.

As for Eun Seong, though he and his mom, Mo Seul Hee, enjoy their newfound success, he seems worried in the Queen Of Tears Episode 10 preview. Well, that’s because Hae In is nowhere to be found, and since Eun Seong possesses feelings for her, he starts a search operation to find Hae In. Meanwhile, Hae In seems determined to take her revenge on Eun Seong. But will she go overboard to take her revenge?

The Hong Family’s Struggle

On the other hand, the Hong family struggles to settle in Yongduri. In the Queen Of Tears Episode 10 preview clip, Soo Cheol and his father fuss about the water and food quality. That makes Hae In upset, forcing her to scold her brother. Meanwhile, Hyun Woo catches the media’s attention, making things more problematic for the Hong family. Will Eun Seong find out about Hae In’s location?

Queen Of Tears Episode 10: Release Date

While the Hong family struggles, Hae In and Hyun Woo will come closer soon. But will this bring back happiness in their life? You will soon learn it. Catch it on Queen Of Tears Episode 10, on April 7, 2024, at 9:20 pm KST on tvN. Meanwhile, the international audience can catch it on Netflix. The all-new episodes air every Saturday and Sunday night. So, don’t miss it. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

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