May 30, 2024
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Wonderful World Episode 12: Kim Joon Gets EXPOSED! Is It The End?

Wonderful World Episode 12

After Seon Yul’s mother’s death, his life gets intervened with Soo Hyun. Although he blames the latter for his miserable life, Wonderful World Episode 12 suggests everything will change soon, especially when the pair learns about their common enemy. But who is that? Well, as the K-drama progresses, the murder mystery gets more twisted when some big personalities names get involved in this high-profile murder case. Will Soo Hyun and Seon Yul manage to fight against such an influential person? Keep reading to know that!


Wonderful World Episode 12: Seon Yul Gets His Target! What’s Next?

The previous episode was a rollercoaster of emotions. Seon Yul mourned his mother’s death and decided to take revenge on people who were connected to his parent’s death. While he believed that Soo Hyun was one of the prime suspects, he remained surprised after finding the truth behind the recording he heard during his mom’s funeral. Seon Yul knew that Kim Joon had some connections with his mom’s death. But Soo Hyun made his doubts crystal clear.

The Wonderful World Episode 12 preview suggests that Seon Yul will struggle to trust anyone despite learning the truth. He knows his reckless behavior has tormented Soo Hyun, but he doesn’t want to stop that, either. Seon Yul still believes that Soo Hyun needs to face his wrath, so he will continue with his attitude while also working on gathering more evidence against Kim Joon.

As for Kim Joon, he now knows that Seon Yul has started the investigation and will go to the bottom of it to learn the truth. So, the mayor will go to any length to stop Seon Yul. Kim Joon will even try to forge the documents and make things challenging for Seon Yul. Despite that, the latter will barge into the police station to find the documents against Kim Joon. Since Kim Joon and Seon Yul worked together in the past, it became difficult for the latter to get evidence against the mayor, especially when Seon Yul was the one who once manipulated the evidence.

While the chase-and-run game continues, Seon Yul finally realizes the pain Soo Hyun has been bearing so far. So, to make amends with her, Seon Yul will finally apologize. But Wonderful World Episode 12 suggests that his apology will come with a price. What will it be?

Kim Joon Finds Out About Seon Yul And Soo Hyun

Meanwhile, Kim Joon starts paying more attention to Seon Yul, wanting the latter to avoid getting evidence against him. So, he will hire men to stay one step ahead of Seon Yul. Surprisingly, Kim Joon spots Seon Yul with Soo Hyun during this period and discovers they are working together. This new intel will push Kim Joon to map another plan to erase the pair from his life.

Soo Hyun Gets Divorce

Wonderful World Episode 12
MBC, Disney+

Soo Hyun and Soo Ho’s marriage life is on the rocks after their son’s death. While their family tries their best to bring the couple closer, Wonderful World Episode 12 hints that Soo Hyun’s latest discovery will push her to sign the divorce paper. In the preview clip, while Soo Hyun tries to gather evidence against Kim Joon, she comes across her husband’s closet. From there, she discovers that Soo Ho was aware of Kim Joon’s involvement in their son’s death. But he has been hiding the truth from her. It will push Soo Hyun to retaliate. She might also sign the divorce paper and end their relationship once and for all.

Wonderful World Episode 12: Release Date

As the drama gets intense, it seems like Soo Hyun and Seon Yul will come closer soon. But will they get their revenge? You will learn it on Wonderful World Episode 12, which will air on April 6, 2024, at 9:50 pm KST. The all-new episode will first air on the South Korean network MBC every Friday and Saturday. It will then be released on Disney+. So, don’t miss it. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

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