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Hide Episode 6: Sung Jae A LIAR! Will Moon Young Stay With Him?


Since Moon Young learns about her husband Sung Jae’s mysterious disappearance, she has been frantically searching for him. But Hide Episode 6 suggests that her problem will escalate when she gets more involved in Yeon-Joo’s business. There’s no doubt that Yeon Joo spells trouble and that woman uses Moon Young for her malice. But can poor Moon Young free herself from all the drama? Let’s see!

Hide Episode 6: Moon Young Learns The Truth Behind Sung Jae’s Deception! What’s Next?

Moon Young is not safe, and she knows that, too. However, to protect her husband, Sung Jae, she needs to work according to Yeon Joo, who wants Moon Young to extract the data and information about the insurance money. Though it’s an unethical work, Moon Young leaves with no choice but to follow Yeon Joo’s order. While Hide Episode 6 suggests that Yeon Joo will go to any extent to get what she wants, her plan will face some loopholes. Will it help Moon Young buy time to free herself from Yeon Joo’s claws? Perhaps!

Hide Episode 6
Credit: JTBC

In a recently released preview clip, Moon Young can be seen working on her desktop. While it looks normal, her expression speaks volumes. Moon Young’s husband is kidnapped, and it seems like he is in Yeon Joo and Jin Woo’s custody. But if they have already captured him, then why are they using Moon Young to complete their task? Possibly, they don’t know about Sung Jae’s location and are only using him as bait to lure Moon Young to get what they want.

While Moon Young isn’t aware of the whole situation, someone might intervene with her report. That someone will be related to CEO Ma Kang. The latter has already died, but the mysterious death might unfold soon in Hide Episode 6. It seems like Sung Jae has some connection with Ma Kang’s death as well because he got a huge amount after the CEO died. As the K-drama progresses, the mystery gets more twisted.

Shin Hwa Plans To Destroy Moon Young

Meanwhile, Prosecutor Shin Hwa plans to destroy Moon Young. While it remains unclear why the prosecutor is targeting poor Moon Young, the mystery seems related to Sung Jae. The Hide Episode 6 preview suggests that Sung Jae was involved with big names and money laundering. While Moon Young isn’t aware of this side of her husband, she will soon learn the truth.

Credit: JTBC

But the question arises: Will she support her husband after learning the truth? No doubt, Moon Young will be heartbroken and stop trusting Sung Jae. But this won’t be any help. That’s because Shin Hwa already plans to get to Sung Jae. The path might create more trouble for Moon Young. Can she bear it all?

Hide Episode 6: Release Date

Now that Moon Young is working with Yeon Joo, she will soon learn more about her husband’s dark side. Will she continue to stay with Sung Jae? You will learn that in Hide Episode 6, which will air on April 7, 2024, at 10.30 pm KST. Viewers from South Korea can stream it on JTBC, while the global audience can catch it on Viki. Stay tuned! TechRadar247

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