May 30, 2024
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Nothing Uncovered Episode 7: Jung Won Gets KIDNAPPED! Is It The End?

Nothing Uncovered Episode 7

Seol Woo Jae has been struggling since Jung Won and Detective Tae Heon started working together. Now, it seems like the trio will face another set of challenges in Nothing Uncovered Episode 7. Well, that’s because Woo Jae is suspicious of his wife, Jung Won’s, activities and wants to catch her red-handed. But is Jung Won cheating on Woo Jae? Well, the latest preview clip hints that the situation is far different from what Woo Jae thought. Can he handle the situation? Let’s see how things will move now!


Nothing Uncovered Episode 7: Jung Won Goes Missing, Woo Tae Panics

Previously, Jung Won seemed frustrated as she lost contact with the killer. While she mulled over the details, she received a call from Zeus, who asked Jung Won whether she had dropped her cell phone again, just like Jung Won did in the past when she saw a hanging person. However, it quickly made Jung Won suspicious as she hadn’t told Zeus about the phone drop, making her doubt Zeus’ intention.

But th at’s not the end here! As soon as Jung Won realized that something was wrong, someone attacked her from behind, making her unconscious. The Nothing Uncovered Episode 7 preview hints that someone will kidnap Jung Woo, creating more chaos between Woo Jae and Tae Haeon. Woo Jae will undoubtedly start a search operation and even ask his colleagues whether Jung Won has contacted them. While he frantically searches for Jung Woo, he doubts she might have been with Tae Heon.

Jealous of that thought, he contacts Detective Tae Heon, who is still reeling over his loss. He can’t get over his past and wishes to end up single and miserable. While everything falls apart, Woo Jae is sure that Jung Won is in trouble. And Nothing Uncovered Episode 7 suggests the same. The preview clip hints that someone will mistreat Jung Won and make things problematic for her. But can Woo Jae reach her? It seems like things will get more dramatic in the upcoming episode.

Woo Jae Gets Uncontrollably Jealous

Besides this, another preview still of Nothing Uncovered Episode 7 shows that Woo Jae will get jealous when he spots Jung Won with Tae Heon. Well, he has been suspicious of his wife’s relationship with the detective. Woo Jae loses his calm after seeing Jung Woo heading inside Tae Heon’s house. Jealous Woo Jae soon confronts Tae Heon and even makes ill allegations about his closeness with Jung Won.

While things turn ugly between the trio, Woo Jae asks Jung Won to leave Tae Heon and go with him. However, Jung Won’s cold gaze hints that things aren’t in good shape, at least between her and Woo Jae. Can he handle the situation? And what about the mysterious Zeus? Jung Won is undoubtedly in trouble, but things will soon lead to a love triangle.

Nothing Uncovered Episode 7: Release Date

As of now, Jung Won is kidnapped, and Woo Jae is searching for her. But the latest stills suggest Jung Won will quickly rush to fill Tae Heon in before things get out of hand. Will this create more trouble in her married life? Catch it on Nothing Uncovered Episode 8 on April 9, 2024, at 10:10 pm KST. The all-new episode airs on KBS 2TV in South Korea. Meanwhile, global audiences can stream it on Wavve, Coupang Play, and Kocowa. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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