May 30, 2024
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A Condition Called Love Episode 2: A Lovely Christmas Eve Date And Tears!

A Condition Called Love Episode 2

While the pilot episode was a rollercoaster of emotions, Hinase Hotaru and Saki Hanonoi are all set to start a new phase of their life in A Condition Called Love Episode 2. No doubt, the previous episode hit the audience to another level, and they are now looking forward to seeing Saki and Hinase growing closer. With sweet, adorable moments aligned for the couple, it seems like things will get a bit dramatic, too. Curious to know how things will move forward? Then, keep reading!


A Condition Called Love Episode 2: Saki And Hinase Become Official!

Previously, Saki experienced heartbreak, and while he dealt with the toughest time of his life, he met Hinase, who changed everything. This quickly led Saki to pursue Hinase, and he even asked her out. But poor Saki faced another rejection when Hinase politely said ‘no.’ Despite rejection, Saki didn’t give up, and his persistent efforts finally forced Hinase to accept Saki’s love. While things ended sweetly, Hinase will soon face a tough time in A Condition Called Love Episode 2.

The upcoming episode will undoubtedly see the characters getting closer to each other. Since Hinase has accepted Saki’s love, he is now on cloud seven and ready to show her how love feels. Meanwhile, Hinase, who has never felt love, will finally start seeing love’s purest and brightest side. This will ultimately bring some changes in Hinase, and her friend Hibiki Asami will soon notice such changes.

She will also ask Hinase about her feelings and why she said ‘yes’ to Saki. While Hinase will find it difficult to answer this question, Hibiki will assure her that she will soon find the answer. On the other hand, the entire class will learn about Saki and Hinase as Saki openly expresses his feelings. It will catch everyone’s attention, and soon, one of the couple’s classmates will ask Hinase about her love story.

The preview still of A Condition Called Love Episode 2 suggests that Hibiki will teach Hinase how to behave around Saki and ask her to learn more about him. So, in order to become a good girlfriend, Hinase will ask Saki about his preferences. But she will be amazed when he starts flirting with her. They then begin spending more time together; since it’s Hinase’s first time, she wants to act according to Saki’s preference.

Christmas Eve Together

Saki and Hinasa plan to spend Christmas Eve together. However, while they are making their plans, Saki’s health declines, making him ditch them. On the other hand, Hinasa will prepare everything to make Saki like her even more. Her friends will also help her fulfill Saki’s dreams. But she can’t be able to contact him.

A Condition Called Love Episode 2
Netflix, Crunchyroll

So when the pair gets out of touch, Hinasa decides to work on her costume for Christmas Eve. As for Saki, he will panic when he can’t reach Hinasa. So he frantically starts searching for her, but when he finds Hinasa, they both end up crying. Next, the pair will go on ice skating together and even hold their hands in A Condition Called Love Episode 2 while spending most of their time together.

A Condition Called Love Episode 2: Release Date

The anime is all set to hit the screens on Thursday. A lot has happened between the couple, and A Condition Called Love Episode 2 will see some more adorable moments, so don’t miss it. Catch it on the Japanese network TBS on April 11 at 1.28 pm. Meanwhile, the global audience can stream it on Crunchyroll and Netflix. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

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