May 24, 2024
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Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 8: Do Ra Gets A New Admirer! Who Is That?

Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 8

After Do Ra overhears Pil Seung’s conversation, she doesn’t want to see his face. This will ultimately create complications in Pil Seung’s career, and Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 8 hints at the same direction. It looks like Do Ra will repeat the history of tormenting Pil Seung, and this time, her action will make things more miserable for the latter, leaving him to outshadow his concerns for Do Ra and even the project. Will Pil Seung go on a revenge spree? Let’s find out!


Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 8: Do Ra Dates Mr. Gong, Pil Seung Is Jealous

Since Do Ra overheard Pil Seung cursing at her, she has decided to leave his side despite relying on him a lot. It creates a void in her heart as she starts wondering whether she is on the receiving end and nobody wants to stay close to her. As Do Ra’s life slumps, Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 8 hints that she will soon meet a new admirer. The person is none other than Mr. Gong. He is already eying on Do Ra and wants to get close to her. But because of Pil Seung, he wasn’t able to do that.

However, now that Do Ra and Pil Seung aren’t seeing eye to eye with each other, Mr. Gong gets a chance to impress Do Ra. He even offers her a meal and asks her out. At first, she refuses the offer as she doesn’t want to rely on someone else now. But after meeting Mr. Gong two to three times, Do Ra decides to give him a chance. Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 8 also suggests that they will soon go on a date together.

Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 8
Do-Ra goes on a date with Mr. Gong

Do Ra will also receive flowers and gifts from Mr. Gong, making her feel special again. However, Pil Seung won’t like this. He will even start keeping an eye on Do Ra and Mr. Gong. While Do Ra is unaware of Pil Seung’s actions, the drama’s PD soon catches Pil Seung doing suspicious things. The programming director will then ask Pil Seung to visit him in his office. There, he will warn the latter to stay away from Do Ra. While it remains unclear why Pil Seung is following Do Ra

, it looks like he has some business left to do with her.

As for Do Ra, there’s no going back; she loves Mr. Gong’s company, which will ultimately give the latter a sign to work on his next step. He then asks Do Ra to follow him to his suite. Although she will refuse it at first, Do Ra won’t be able to resist the temptation and will follow Mr. Gong’s steps. However, Pil Seung will follow them two, as he suspects Mr. Gong has some ulterior motives. Pil Seung wants to protect Do Ra at any cost, creating more complic ations for the two. Will Do Ra ever understand Pil Seung? Only time will tell!

Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 8: Release Date

Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 8
Drama’s PD questions Pil Seung

Things are getting intense as Do Ra approaches another male. However, she is unaware of Mr. Gong’s intention, which causes more drama in her life. Can she deal with that? You will learn that on Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 8, which will air on April 14, 2024, at 5.20 pm KST. The South Korean audience can stream it on KBS2, while the international audience can catch it on Viki. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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