May 24, 2024
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Lovely Runner Episode 3: Seon Jae QUITS Swimming For Im Sol? What’s Next?

Lovely Runner Episode 3

Newly fantasy-romance K-drama Lovely Runner recently hit the screens, and its enchanting storyline quickly captured the audience’s hearts. As Ryu Seon Jae endeavors to win Im Sol’s heart, the Lovely Runner Episode 3 preview suggests he will face a challenge in expressing his feelings. Moreover, Seon Jae will also confront a love rival, a twist that could upend everything between him and Im Sol. Will this unexpected turn complicate their relationship? Only the upcoming episode will reveal how things will move in the protagonist’s life. So, keep reading to know what happens next.


Lovely Runner Episode 3: Seon Jae’s Proposal Gets Someone Offended

The last we saw, Im Sol tried every possible trick to stop Seon Jae from participating in the forthcoming swimming competition. However, Seon Jae was desperate to win a medal in the competition. While Im Sol’s attempt went in vain, it softened Seon Jae’s heart, who later developed feelings for her. As things get intense between the two, the newly released Lovely Runner Episode 3 trailer suggests Im Sol’s tricks won’t work for Seon Jae.

That’s because he’s determined enough to win the swimming competition. So, he won’t listen to Im Sol’s words and participate in the competition anyway. While Im Sol thinks Seon Jae doesn’t care about her, the preview hints that the latter only does this for Im Sol. After winning the swimming tournament, he plans to confess his true feelings for Im Sol. That’s why he firmly wants to take part. However, things won’t work as per his plan. That’s because of Kim Tae Sung.

Lovely Runner Episode 3
Seon Jae overhears Tae Sung and Im Sol’s conversation

Lovely Runner Episode 3 hints that Im Sol likes Tae Sung, which makes Seon Jae jealous. His jealousy goes on to another level when Seon Jae spots Tae Sung with Im Sol. Tae Sung asks her out, and surprisingly, Im Sol seems excited about it. Meanwhile, this incident makes Seon Jae determined to win the competition, as he wants to confess to her. And he believes that she might say yes once Seon Jae wins the swimming tournament.

As the preview clip progresses, it shows that Seon Jae is all set to make a bold decision. He informs someone that he doesn’t want to participate and even wants to quit swimming. However, the person doesn’t seem happy with his decision and even slaps Seon Jae after his confession. This will ultimately make things dramatic for Seon Jae. That’s because swimming is his passion; if he quits it, everything will start spiring downward.

Seon Jae Confesses His Heart

Lovely Runner Episode 3
Seon Jae confesses to Im Sol

While Seon Jae’s life seems to be disbalance now, it looks like he will soon find a way to connect with Im Sol. In the preview clip of Lovely Runner Episode 3, Seon Jae speaks to Im Sol and even voices his feelings for her. However, it doesn’t look like Im Sol has heard anything. He might have spoken in his mind only. So, will Seon Jae ever speak his heart out? Only time will tell.

Lovely Runner Episode 3: Release Date

As the drama unfolds, it is more about building a romantic connection between Seon Jae and Im Sol. But will Im Sol accept Seon Jae’s proposal? You will learn this on Lovely Runner Episode 3, which will air on April 15, 2024, at 8:50 pm KST. The all-new episode airs every Monday and Tuesday night only on South Korean network tvN. Meanwhile, the global audience can catch it on Viki. So, stay tuned. TechRadar247

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