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Future Foldable Smartphones Will Be Using Diamond Glass

US-based Akhan Semiconductor has created upon a Miraj Diamond Glass. This is a material made from lab-grown nano-diamond materials. Diamond Glass is said to be 6 instances stronger, 10 times harder, and runs over 800x cooler than Gorilla Glass.

The largest factor of current-generation foldable phones is the use of plastic screens, rather of glass displays. That may alternate in the future, as one company known as Akhan Semiconductor, is hence creating bendable glass displays that may want to be used by means of main OEMs in their upcoming foldable devices.

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Arrival of Foldable Smartphones in Market

US-based Akhan Semiconductor has created Miraj Diamond Glass, a material that is made from lab-grown nano-diamond materials. Diamond Glass is said to be six instances stronger, 10 instances harder, and runs over 800x cooler than Gorilla Glass.

Nano-diamond is hence truly semi-flexible by using itself, and we can coat flexible glass stated by Adam Khan, CEO & Founder, Akhan Semiconductor in an interview. The benefits of Diamond Glass are many. Besides being too much strong and bendable in nature, Diamond Glass hence could somehow coat a foldable phone’s chassis. This means that smartphone manufacturers may additionally no longer need to use metal enforcements inside the smartphone to “support a super thin display screen on top.”

Foldable Smartphones will Repel Water and Floor Oils

Another benefit of Miraj Diamond Glass is that it repels water and floor oils besides requiring additional oleophobic coating (oil-repellent) that protects the screen. Additionally, Diamond Glass is also capable of increasing power density as well as making the display cooler to touch.

CEO did not specify which smartphone manufacturer is willing to use his patented Miraj Diamond Glass solution. But he did mention that some OMEs have truly praised Miraj Diamond Glass.

Flexible Screen Glass on Foldable Smartphones

Akhan Semiconductor rival Corning, which resources glass screens for Apple’s iPhones, is additionally working on the flexible screen glass product. As reported by Wired in 2019, Corning is curiously working on a 0.1-millimeter thick flexible bendable glass that can fold to the 5-millimeter radius.

Does Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Will use ultra-thin Glass Display?

The first foldable smartphone with a bendable glass display is coming sooner than expected. Samsung is probably to launch the Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone that will use an ultra-thin glass display. However, Samsung will additionally use a plastic sheet on pinnacle of the glass display for introduced protection. This will all in all notably minimize scratches and dents from the display. Samsung plans to hence launch the Galaxy Z Flip, alongside the Galaxy S20 sequence and Galaxy Buds + on February 11.

Now let’s see that when these exciting and amazing foldable smartphones will be launched in 2020! Stay tuned with us for more latest updates and news!

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