May 27, 2024
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DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2: Renewed? Everything The Fans Should Know

DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2

DeMarcus Family Rules just arrived on Netflix, and the fans already binged it. Now they are demanding for DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2. The reality sitcom displays the ups and downs of the DeMarcus Family. Jay DeMarcus is one of the biggest musicians in country music. And the whole plot revolves around him and his wife, Allison DeMarcus. The show made its debut on August 19, 2020. It received a great response so far from its viewers and the critics. The best about the sitcom is that it is entirely unscripted and completely raw. Therefore the viewers find this show unique and different.

DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2

Renewal Status Of The Second Season!

The reality sitcom arrived on Netflix just a few days back. So, it is too early for the streaming giant to renew the show. Netflix typically takes a month or two to analyze the performance and ratings of its series before renewing it. The show is receiving a positive response, and its viewership is also solid. Therefore it is likely that Netflix will renew the show for DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2. The fans can expect the streaming giant to announce this officially in the upcoming month. 

DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2 Renewal

DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2: Plot Details!

Jay Demarcus is a lead bassist of the band Rascal Flatts. He joined this band twenty years ago, and since then, his life becomes very hectic. His wife, Allison DeMarcus, is also a beauty queen and a national TV personality. The show mainly focuses on how the couple managed their personal and professional lives while raising two children. The series also mixes out shed-loads of witty and original drama that happens between the couple, as they differ over their distinct parenting styles, approach towards life, and many other things as well.

Jay stays apart from his family most of the time because of his professional work. The viewers see him bonding with both his kids Madeline and Dylan, and covering up for the lost time with Allison. In the debut season, the Marcus family creates some beautiful memories as they go lodging in the forest to teach their kids that sometimes, going out of one’s comfort zone can be a useful experience. 

They also organize an extravagant party for Madeline’s birthday, and Jay also dazzles his kids by parenting a dog on Thanksgiving. Allison creates a plan for her show, while Jay delivers a surprise to party-crashing Allison’s ideas. Everything works out at the end, and both of them enjoy a lively party with their elongated family. DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2 will continue to show the DeMarcus family’s experiences as they deal with the various points of their lives.

DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2 Plot

DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2: Release Date

Netflix is yet to renew the show for its second season. However, the fans of the series are confident that it will return. If the streaming giant renews the show in the upcoming months, then the fans can expect it to premiere sometime in 2021. 

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