April 22, 2024
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The Last Kingdom Season 5: Official Synopsis And Production Update Revealed! Check Out More Details

The Last Kingdom Season 5

The Last Kingdom Season 5 has already been renewed, while the fourth season of The Last Kingdom has been streaming on Netflix. It made fans more curious to know the continuing exploits of rivalry hero Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon).


Well, The Last Kingdom Season 4 adapted from Benard Cornwell’s novel Saxon series. The writer has recently published his 13th and the final book of the series, titled War Lord. Interestingly, Dreymon has also revealed the age of Uhtred in The Last Kingdom Season 5. But instead of increasing your curiosity, let’s get straight to know what will happen next in The Last Kingdom Season 5.

The Last Kingdom, developed by John Lunn, is a historical drama based on real events. It follows the Anglo- Saxon journey and how he established his kingdom. In which Uhtred of Bebbanburg lived and ruled Bebbanburg and Northumbria until The Last Kingdom settled. Further, he spent much of his time defending the Northumbria border from the Scots. There he fought with all grace with Anglo-Saxons against the Danes.

The Last Kingdom Season 5: Production Update

Recently, news came up that the production of The Last Kingdom Season 5 would begin from November 2020. However, the fifth season’s filming would run under the strict guidelines imposed by the Hollywood guilds. Recently, Nigel Merchant, the executive producer, said that they are proud to announce that they would continue entertaining the audience like this.

But the filming would undergo an eighteen-month production cycle, which could be extended considering the current situation. The news came up when the star cast announced it through a video on social media.

The Last Kingdom Season 5: How Things Would Settle Now?

Well, the final book portrayed the events of the never-ending battle where fans were curious to learn about Uhtred’s return with King Aetheslstan (Caspar Griffiths) taking the responsibility. Recently, Dreymon and Cornwell revealed how things would proceed as per the final book. However, the last book would be used to create the sixth season of this long-running historical series.

Uhtred Would Be Old Now

Cornwell revealed that in the upcoming season, Uhtred has become old and wiser. Now, he knows many things and has gained a lot of experience. But, Cornwell confirmed that he’s not talking about Alexander right now. He’s more interested in Uhtred, who is now of his age that is mid-70. He added when that he looks at Alexander, one thing that comes to his mind is that they have to add some grey beard and hair to make it more realistic.

Uhtred Would Face His Greatest Enemy

Well, the official synopsis for The Last Kingdom Season 5 says that Uhtred would face down his biggest and toughest enemy. Also, he would suffer the greatest loss while achieving his destiny. So, we can consider that the fifth season would contain more heartbreaking moments than ever.

New Enemies Would Rise

Uhtred’s goal to take back his kingdom might achieve in The Last Kingdom Season 5. But, now he has to face some new enemies. As new enemies are rising since he is getting his kingdom back, he has to go through the Bebbanburg where he might stand against Wessex for another war.

The Last Kingdom Season 5: Cast Details

Currently, no confirmation is there from the cast to reprise their role. But, it’s clear that Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred of Bebbanburg would return. However, Uhtred would go through some trauma in the fifth season. Along with him, Emily Cox as Uhtred’s childhood friend-turned-rival Brida would return. She last saw giving birth in the woods.

Adrian Schiller has already confirmed that he would return as the devious and cruel Aethelhelm. Surprisingly, The Last Kingdom Season 5 could see one major cameo with Ricky Gervais as last month he tweeted that soon he would be wearing like a Viking.

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