June 15, 2024
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Great Pretender Episode 18: Plot Details, Release Date & Everything For The Fans To Know!

Great Pretender Episode 18

Great Pretender Episode 18 will be the fourth episode of case 4 titled “Wizard of Far East.” It is the last case of the debut season of this anime. Therefore the fans are already wondering about its second season. But before it arrives, the fans will see its remaining episodes. The viewers already saw some wild, adventurous stories with a lot of playfulness and sexual energy. 


They are in love with the animation quality and engaging stories of the series. And currently, they are desperately waiting for its next episode to release. So when will the fans see the upcoming episode of the comedy and crime anime show? Continue reading to know. 

Great Pretender Episode 18

Great Pretender Episode 18: Plot Details!

The official description of Great Pretender Episode 18 is as follows- Edamame, Abby, and Cynthia are kept captive on Akemi’s own yacht in Sagami Bay. They asked Edamame to demonstrate his commitment by shooting Abby and Cynthia, but Ozaki hits them alternatively, and they fall overboard. Edamame refuses to eat until Akemi shows him mercy, and he understands that he is the only person left.

After two months, Akemi requests Edamame to run a trafficked children’s sale because of his prior experience. Edamame triumphantly runs the auction following a massive increase in revenue, and Akemi makes him the perpetual auctioneer. Meanwhile, in Shanghai, Liu explains to Chen about the value of a translator and how they are helpless to Ozaki, just as Laurent appears seeking a conversation with Liu. Edamame came back home and is stunned to see Ozaki still alive.

Great Pretender Episode 18

Ozaki then explains Laurent’s story, beginning from his childhood and then his grown up by his mo ther in Brussels. She was cheated out of her life’s profits by a crooked investor named Hugo. Shortly after that, Emma died, leading Laurent to live a life of gaming in Paris. One night, he attempted to assassinate Hugo, but he unexpectedly hurt a woman named Dorothy instead.

Great Pretender Episode 18: Release Date

The fans in Japan already saw this episode as it was already released on Netflix Japan. The upcoming episode will narrate a great storyline, and the viewers will surely like it. Great Pretender Episode 18 will release on Wednesday, November 11, 2020, on Ultra+. 

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