Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 2

Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 2: “White Knuckle,” Plot Details And Release Date

Police Procedural “Chicago PD” is continuously entertaining its fans with more and more seasons. The recently released season is going to bring so many opportunities for the story to open up. Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 2 will be hitting in the coming week, bringing more excitements and stakes ahead. So, better be ready for the updates, because we have brought a whole package of it.

Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 2: All Updates!

Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 2 is titled “White Knuckle.” The official synopsis reads, “The son of an influential former is implicated in a murder and Moore pressures Voight to charge him quickly so that the CPD isn’t accused of preferential treatment. After patrol officers stop responding to his team’s calls, the stakes rise in Atwater’s fight against the blue wall. Voight wants to help Atwater end this mistreatment, but the two can’t agree on the right way to handle.”

Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 2

It seems that the differences are going to increase in the coming future. Voight and Atwater will face some tension in their relations. Will the things be understandable between the two characters. One thing is sure that Atwater is going through a lot; therefore, Voight will have to understand the situation. We will soon get the answers as whether the police falls on the right side or is just pretending.

We will see more of Jason Beghe as Sergeant Henry “Hank” Voight, Jesse Lee Soffer as Detective Jay Halstead, Tracy Spiridakos as Detective Hailey Upton, Marina Squerciati as Officer Kim, Patrick John Flueger as Officer Adam, LaRoyce Hawkins as Officer Kevin Atwater, and Amy Morton as Trudy Platt.

Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 2

What We Have Watched Till Now?

The previous season was titled “Fighting Ghosts.” There has been a change around the world due to the revolution of police reform and the COVID-19 situation. The team looks into the case of a young girl. The plot also includes dealing with police brutality. At the same time, Atwater is trying to remain out of the physical argument. However, we see the deputy superintend warning Voight that if he continues to run in the same manner, then he will be out of the job by Christmas.

Furthermore, Atwater is pulled over while driving at night. He first refused to get out and was reaching out for his id. But, before he could show it to the copes, one being white and one black, they drew their gun to him. Later, it was found that Atwater is a cop himself. The cops are still blue, and he is still black.

Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 2

Will the thing of black and white further change? This can only be known after the release of the remaining episodes of the season.

Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 2: Release Date

Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 2 will be hitting the screen on Wednesday, November 18, 2020. It is there on NBC. So, better tune-up on the particular date. Till then, stay in the virtual touch for more updates.

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