June 15, 2024
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Rick And Morty Season 7: Creator Teased Seventh Season In Works, Five & Six To Arrive Soon

Rick And Morty Season 7

Rick And Morty’s creator Dan Harmon recently revealed that their creative team is ready to work on Rick And Morty Season 7. Despite concluding Rick And Morty Season 4 this year, the animated series is almost set to deliver Rick And Morty Season 5. However, a release date is yet to disclose for its fifth season. But, fans don’t have to worry about that as the Adult Swim series co-creator has already announced that they have already started working on Season 7. This means they have already wrapped up working on its fifth and sixth season, as they have been working remotely during the pandemic, which helped them a lot.


Rick And Morty debuted in 2013. It follows a comedic relationship between Doc and Morty, who travels in time. It also features pop culture, meta-commentary, parodies, and some shocking entertainment stories. But in the fourth season, Rick has been introduced as the smartest and dangerous creature in the world who can do anything to fulfill his desires. Despite being a terrible person, he finds something good in the wrong things.

Network Has Already Renewed The Show For More Seasons

Two years elapsed between the third and fourth season’s release, which made the network ordering 70 more episodes ahead of the future season release. As we got to know recently, Rick And Morty have finished their fourth season. That means only 60 more episodes are left. That also offers a shorter wait for fans as the fourth season has already ended. So we can expect that soon, in early 2021, Rick And Morty Season 5 would air.

Rick And Morty Season 7: Creative Team Has Started Working On It

Recently, during the Adult Swim Festival 2020’s virtual panel, the creator Dan Harmon announced that their creative team had already been working three seasons ahead. That means they are currently working on Season 7. Well, the main reason behind this panel’s discussion was to ask the cast regarding the fourth season’s conclusion.

However, Harmon teased that they are recently working on the seventh season. He added: “I wouldn’t know if I were spoiling” the fifth and sixth seasons. Since he can’t track on which season they are right now. Harmon continued that fans can expect fabulous things would occur in Space Beth since it wasn’t a one-off character.

Pandemic Left Positive Impact On The Show

Although the current health crisis impacted the entire entertainment industry after the production halted in March. However, it looks like it left a positive impact on Rick And Morty. The creator announced that “lockdown has helped them” on focusing on the show more in the virtual event. So, considering his words, there’s no surprise that Rick And Morty Season 7 is on the horizon.

No Time Left For Season 5 And 6

Harmon’s words pointed out some new spoilers and challenges for the fifth and sixth seasons. So, the news about Rick And Morty Season 7 indicates that no time has left for the fifth and the sixth seasons to come up. Since the creative team has started working on the seventh season. It means soon in the upcoming year, Rick And Morty Season 5 and 6 would air.

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