April 24, 2024
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Blackish Season 7 Episode 8: “Compton Around The Christmas Tree,” Tension In Family! Know Plot And Release Date

Blackish Season 7 Episode 8

Blackish Season 7 has been covering the bittersweet journey of the characters. There will further be more bumps in the road ahead. Blackish Season 7 Episode 8 will soon release with the Christmas tree. The story till now made its fans witness a lot of secrets and revelations. However, there has also been romance and relationships on the way.


But what newness will the coming season bring with itself ahead? Will there be more spine-chilling factors? Let us have a sneak-peak of the impending scenario of Blackish Season 7 Episode 8.

Blackish Season 7 Episode 8: What’s Coming?

Blackish Season 7 Episode 8 is titled “Compton Around the Christmas Tree.” People are excited to hear what’s coming ahead after watching the recently released episode. The official synopsis of the coming one reads, “Dre realizes he’s out of touch with his roots after Junior claims he’s turned into a ‘valley dad,’ so he takes the family to his hometown of Compton. Bow tries to teach Jack and Diane about the spirit of giving by having them volunteer in Compton.”

Dre and Bow seem to be having a tough time with their children. They are trying to set equal ground rules for each of them. However, things have undoubtedly been tough in this time of Pandemic. 

Additionally, we are going to see all the lead faces once again back on the screen. Let us further wait to know how parenting and the Pandemic are going to affect the relationship of the family members.

What We Have Watched Till Now?

The last episode of the season was titled “Babes in Boyland.” There has been a bit of disappointment in the air for the couple. We saw Diane’s secret-spilling out in front of everyone. Even though Diane is more matured and smarter than that of her age, this secret social media account concerns her parent as she can plan out something explosive. We see parents being thoroughly concerned about their children.

Moreover, the children are stuck in the Pandemic and need some escape to have fun in their lives. Therefore, their parents seem to have becoming wrong for them. Things will take some time to settle down, but it surely will one or the other day. Diane does what she feels is right for her. Therefore, Dre and Bow can’t even put wise words in her head, the same as they did to Junior when he almost proposed to Olivia. Let us further wait for what new revelations are going to unfold in the coming episode.

Blackish Season 7 Episode 8: Release Date

Blackish Season 7 Episode 8 will come upon the screens on Wednesday, December 2, 2020. It will be there on ABC at 9:30 PM. 

One can easily watch the coming episode on ABC’s official app or website. Moreover, there are other options like YouTube TV, Direct TV, Fubo TV. The recently released episodes are also added to Amazon Prime Videos and Hulu shortly after the release. So, keep watching and staying updated with us in this space.

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