May 24, 2024
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The Walking Dead Season 11: Why Commonwealth Isn’t Introduced Yet? Trailer, Release Date, And More

The Walking Dead Season 11

AMC is waiting until The Walking Dead Season 11 explores the Commonwealth story. AMC’s biggest hit zombie-apocalypse drama has been set to return for its final run. However, according to the comic book, there’s a different world outside the chasing and hunting woods where the entire team stays and fights for survival. As hinted in the last season, Maggie’s aware of that world. However, before fans could develop their possible theories, let’s see what The Walking Dead Season 11 is holding for us.


Although The Walking Dead Season 10 was initially supposed to wrap up early this year. But due to the pause in production, the filming for its finale was delayed, which later aired in October. However, it is just the beginning of The Walking Dead Season 11 that would portray the new world. Apart from that, ahead of its six bonus episodes of the tenth season released its trailer that tells a lot will happen, and Maggie will return as the central character.

The Walking Dead Season 11: Production Updates

Soon after the tenth season finale, AMC ordered six more additional episodes for The Walking Dead Season 10. These episodes are currently under development. They are filmed under the new health guidance of COVID-19. Recently, it revealed that the entire cast has been filming wearing face shields and masks on set. Also, there’s no more sharing of makeup. Even the cast and the crew members are frequently testing to ensure safety on the location.

Further, the new filming rules also have limited the number of visitors on set. The crew members also have to maintain a social distance from the cast while filming. Well, these strict precautions have made The Walking Dead Season 11 continue even in this dire situation.

It Will Be Different From The Past Seasons

As per the filming guidelines, the creative team focuses on depicting the main cast storyline without shooting with those extras. It will be the first time in the history of The Walking Dead that fans would see fewer people and zombies around the main cast.

The Walking Dead Season 11: What Will Happen In The Next Season?

Well, these strict new filming guidelines have made the creative team to experiment more creatively. That means fans would likely be able to see some different aspects of the series. Further, The Walking Dead Season 11 synopsis says that the upcoming season would focus on the minute stories in those ten extra bonus episodes.

Delve Into Eugene’s Group

Well, in the comic book, the Commonwealth is the first grand survivors’ community who become aware of the apocalypse via Eugene and Stephanie’s communication over the radio. She is a citizen of the Commonwealth, and such similar case fans have seen in “A Certain Doom” season 10 finale. So, now Eugene is taking a group to meet Stephanie, where he learns about her community.

However, the Commonwealth people have captured Eugene’s group. So, the last six episodes would delve into Eugene’s group. However, as of the current condition, the Commonwealth group would take time to introduce. Since it’s a massive community to feature on the screen. So, we can expect that the Commonwealth group would introduce in The Walking Dead: World Beyond. But currently, it would focus on the mysterious Civic Republic.

Commonwealth Group Would Introduce In The End

However, there are chances that the creative team has held the Commonwealth story arc to conclude as the last major story. But it would require extras to shoot that story. Further, it explores the battle between the central cast and the Commonwealth group. Until the health crisis controlled, we can’t expect that AMC would take such a big step to film such a story.

The Walking Dead Season 11: Trailer Teased Maggie And Negan’s Tense Reunion

AMC has already released the trailer of The Walking Dead Season 11, in which Negan and Maggie finally reconcile. It further explores the early apocalypse as some flashback episodes where Negan’s untold origin story would depict. Also, fans would learn about Negan’s late wife Lucille (Hilarie Burton, aka Morgan’s real-life wife). Well, this development in the story is due to the ongoing pandemic as they can’t work on the zombies’ concept now. 

The Walking Dead Season 11: Release Date

AMC has already announced the premiere of its final season ahead of its production begins. The epic 24 episodes season The Walking Dead Season 11, set to air in late 2021. However, till then, you have to wait to know what will happen in the next season and how the main characters deal with the forthcoming threat.    

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