May 27, 2024
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Cobra Kai Season 3: Some Secrets Will Reveal! Time Jump, Plot, Release Date, And More Details

Cobra Kai Season 3

Martial arts practitioners get ready for another thrilling and tough training sessions as Cobra Kai Season 3 will return soon on your television screen. This time, the network has finally confirmed the release date of Cobra Kai Season 3.


However, many fans are waiting to know whether Cobra Kai brings back Daniel LaRusso’s lost girlfriend, Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita), as she played a major role in The Karate Kid II. Howbeit, its continued show might forget her to cast. But, as Daniel travels back to Okinawa, Japan. So, it’s high time to bring her back with a strong story arc.

Cobra Kai is the continued part of The Karate Kid II movie franchise on Netflix. After Johnny Lawrence’s defeat in 1984, he left everything behind and moved to Los Angeles. There he started working as a part-time handyman. But, one day, he used his karate skills to defend Miguel Diaz, his teenage neighbor. Shorty Miguel asks Johnny to teach him so he can fight back with those bullies. There Johnny decided to reopen his “Cobra Kai Karate dojo” as a chance to recover his past. But, it soon brings him back to face his old rival, Daniel LaRusso.

Cobra Kai Season 3: Ralph Macchio Hinted Two Secrets

The good news for Cobra Kai fans as Netflix has ordered Cobra Kai Season 4 ahead of its third season. However, as per Ralph, he’s ready to surprise you with two more secrets. He said while shooting in Okinawa for Cobra Kai Season 3. They explore deeper into the origin of Miyagi Do Karate. So, fans would love to learn more about it. The second one is that now the viewers can learn more secrets of LaRusso’s past life.

Cobra Kai Season 3: Trailer Teased What Will Happen In The Next Season?

The trailer teased that the third season would resume from where they left off. As said earlier, Daniel LaRusso returns to Okinawa with Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid II. But, after arriving there, Daniel learns more about his former sensei. Meanwhile, in the last season, Johnny and Daniel’s many kids ended up in the hospital due to their school-wide tussle. It eventually results in Daniel leaving karate for a good reason.

It Would Follow A Time Jump

As per William Zabka, who plays Johnny, the next season would begin with a subsequent time jump, instead of picking up from where they left. In a recent interview, William mentioned that Johnny would learn many new things in his high-and-lows stage appear in his life. But, these would make Johnny stronger and better than before. As you know, he can’t make it anything in the last season. So, now, he would grow and learn from his mistake.

Daniel Would Meet His Lost Love

If you remember, in The Karate Kid II, Daniel falls in love with Mr. Miyagi’s forgotten love Yukie’s (Nobu McCarthy) niece Kumiko. Now he’s back in the town, so we can expect that Kumiko would return. As she’s somehow connected to Miyagi, and presently Daniel’s facing conflict with his wife Amanda (Courtney Henggeler). However, it’s unclear what happens on his trip. But, the chances are high that Tumiko would return.

Cobra Kai Season 3: When It Will Air?

Well, Netflix is ready to uncover some secrets in New Year. So, you have to wait only a month as Cobra Kai Season 3 will air on January 8, 2021, only on Netflix. So, don’t miss it.

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