June 14, 2024

Solo Leveling Chapter 130: Plot, Release Date & All The Latest Details!

Solo Leveling Chapter 130

After a shocking chapter of this manhwa, the fans are really curious to read Solo Leveling Chapter 130. The previous chapter of the manhwa just released, but the fans are already getting desperate for the next one. The demon clan and the beats already appeared on the battlefield, and their appearance completely turned the flow of the battle. The hunter and the main protagonist, Sung Jin-Woo, now know the entire truth.


Now he knows what happened to the first shadow monarch. All the beasts and the demons betrayed the initial monarch. Therefore now he took a new birth within Jin-Woo to take his revenge. The fans got stunned after reading the previous chapter as it was surely an epic one. Now it will be interesting to see the new character of Jin-Woo, who has a rebirth with two hearts.

Solo Leveling Chapter 130

Solo Leveling Chapter 130: Plot Details!

After reading the previous chapter of the manhwa, there is no doubt that from this point, the series will only become more enjoyable. So if you don’t like to get spoiled before the release of the chapter, you can skip this section because this might spoil the plot of the next chapter for you. 

In Solo Leveling Chapter 130, the white werewolf who was commanding the beast’s army during the great battle will reveal to be the Beast Monarch. In the Jeju incident, the viewers have already seen its human figure. Therefore, it seems like Beast monarch is also involved in treason along with the demon clan. I

n the next chapter, the fans will also see the continuation of the battle between the hunters and the statues. Cha-Hae-In will try to move towards the Sung Jin-Woo, but the angel status will attack her. So, it is likely that the fans will get to witness her swords dance as well in the next chapter of the manhwa. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 130

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the previous chapter of Solo Leveling, the viewers saw Chief notifies that he has faced the strong one that he thought. The beast fires back with a mighty blast that he succeeds to dodge by jumping around. Myunguchul screams at everyone that the monsters’ defense is not average, so they must be careful.

The hunter began to back each other up while preserving their blind spot. Meanwhile, other hunters block the way of King, and Chief told Chae that they would handle him when she attempts to attack. Unconsciously, hunter Sung Jin-Woo witnesses the monsters and the shadow army battling each other. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 130

Solo Leveling Chapter 130: Release Date

Just like you, we also can’t wait to read the next chapter of the manhwa. The fans will most likely see some more important revelations next week. Solo Leveling Chapter 130 will release on Thursday, December 10, 2020. 

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