April 13, 2024
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Somebody Feed Phil Season 5: Renewed? Know The Upcoming Cities And Adventure

Somebody Feed Phil Season 5

Food lovers have already started talking about Somebody Feed Phil Season 5. The series’ fourth season ended this year in October. Even though we can not expect the release anytime soon, we can surely get some information about the impending scenario. The series will be exploring more places and foods ahead. You will definitely love what’s coming because it’s going to be love to your eyes as well mouth. Explore the future below.


Somebody Feed Phil is a travel documentary. The series is presented by Philip Rosenthal. We see Rosenthal touring to different places and tasting the top cuisines everywhere. However, the show is the successor of ‘I’ll Have What’s Phil’s Having,’ Somebody Feed Phil landed on Netflix on January 12, 2018. It opens with a recorded theme song of the Lake Street Dive band. Fans get to know a lot about the places and their famous foods. Let us further explore what new Somebody Feed Phil Season 5 will be bring ahead.

Somebody Feed Phil Season 5: Renewed?

Has Netflix renewed Somebody Feed Phil Season 5? No, the news of renewal hasn’t yet arrived on the web. But it might soon be there. The year 2020 hasn’t been too good for many TV shows and series. But, the scenario isn’t the same for Somebody Feed Phil. The fourth one was released this year in October, and we are waiting for more. However, the show isn’t canceled by the platform; therefore, we are positive towards the future.

Somebody Feed Phil Season 5: Host And More

The future seasons will continue to showcase Philip Rosenthal as the host of the series. He will continue to meet people from different cities. New places and new foods are going to come ahead. So, better be ready for a whole unique package of adventure.

In the fourth installment, we have seen Philip visiting Singapore, San Francisco, Rio De Janeiro, The Mississipi Delta, and Hawaii. Let us further wait to see more cities being explored ahead. The series will indeed help you when you visit these places. So, stay focused while you watch.


Somebody Feed Phil Season 5: Release Date

There isn’t any confirmation or update regarding the release of Somebody Feed Phil Season 5. We are still waiting for the platform to give the green light for more seasons ahead. However, the network also needs its time to analyze the engagement rate. Netflix usually takes more time to give the renewal to its series. Therefore, don’t lose patience and keep waiting.

We can not expect much from 2020. If the series gets renewed, we may expect the release to be around mid-2021. Till then, keep watching and stay in the link with us for more such updates.

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