NCIS Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 6

NCIS Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 6: Struggling Scenario! Christmas Episode To Bring Lights, Know Major Details

The story of NCIS Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 6 is going to splash so many lights and cheer for you. Fans of NCIS is going to witness lots of fate changing scenarios. Moreover, the Christmas special will be the final episode before the starting of the holidays. Things are going to take some merry turns ahead. So, better be ready for a whole lot of enjoyment. Let us discover the impending fate of NCIS LA below.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 6: What’s Coming Ahead?

NCIS Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 6 is titled “If The Fate Allow…” However, the synopsis reads, “Before Christmas, Hetty assigns Callen the case if his former brother and his wife who, upon reentry into the U.S., are farmed for smuggling drugs across the border in her oxygen tanks. Also, Deeks struggles with losing his job at NCIS, at a special time on NCIS.”

Everything is not going to be as planned. Things will change as per the scenario. But, what we know is that it’s going to be an exciting ride. A few characters will face some changes, and a few will have to struggle to adjust to the new scenario.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 6: Not Everything Is Going As Expected

We will further witness some struggling side of the story. There has been so much chaos in the world because of the ongoing Pandemic. At the same time, people are losing their job. The same seems to be happening with some of the characters of NCIS. Deek is dealing with the loss of a job. But, we speculate that he will manage to get it back in one or the other way.

Meanwhile, Barrett Foa as Eric will be returning to the season. Along with him, there will be Daniel Ruah as Kensi Blye, Kayla Smith as Sam’s daughter. There are chances of not seeing David Kessler. Even though we have seen him getting freed, but things are still left hanging in the middle. Let us further wait for any confirmation of news ahead. One thing is sure that there is going to be more surprises and new things ahead.


The last released episode of NCIS Los Angeles Season 12 was titled “Raising The Dead.” Kensi has come face-to-face with the sociopath who has been obsessed with her ever since she put him in jail years ago. Kensi has found a way of getting all that she wants. She has been seen dealing with a dangerous criminal.

Moreover, the character of Deek was sidelined in this episode. However, we have to wait to know his full story further. It has been a great ride for a story. We have witnessed all ups and downs of the character. However, the same is expected from the upcoming one.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 6: Premiere Status

NCIS Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 6 will come up on CBS’s screen on Sunday, December 13, 2020. It will be there from 9 to 10 pm ET/PT. Stick to the network to know all the impending fate. Till then, we will keep you informed with more updates.

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