June 15, 2024
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Death In Paradise Season 10: Lots Of Surprises! Know All About The Casts And Guest Stars

Death In Paradise Season 10

The New Year will bring new blasts for you. Death In Paradise Season 10 will be coming up soon with so much more crime and drama. Get ready to experience all the new adventures ahead. The show has wrapped the filming process. The cast and crew members will soon be seen celebrating their tenth anniversary of the series. Let us further discover what new elements will come upon the screen.


Death In Paradise is a British French detective drama, created by Robert Thorogood. We see the whole story revolving around different investigations, murders, crime, action, and lots of drama. Richard Poole is at first seen to investigate the murder scene of one of the police members. After finding out who the murderer is, he is said to stay as the Detective Inspector’s head. 

Death In Paradise Season 10

He continues to solve more cases and find more culprits. But, by season three, he gets murdered. There come several other investigators and police officers. But, no one seems to have remained constant in the story. Let us further see what newness will it bring on the floor.

Death In Paradise Season 10: Little’s First Full Season

The coming season is going to be a full one for Ralf Little. He will come in front to play the lead role of the detective. However, Officer JP Hooper will be joining him with the cases. 

On the other side, the platform confirms that Ruby Patterson by Shyko Amos and Madeleine Dumas by Aude Legastelois will be leaving the series. However, we haven’t yet been updated about how these two will be leaving the story. Furthermore, Neville may also be saying goodbye to the drama.

Viewers are also going to witness a new face. Tahj Miles will come to the show playing the role of Marlon Pryce. The new face in the town is of 18-year-old criminal. So, get ready to see more crimes and adventure.

Guests Incoming!

The actor of the debut season will be making an appearance in the tenth one. BBC confirms that fans will see Richard Poole arrive in the upcoming installment. 

The tenth season is going to bring massive surprises to the fans. Ben Miller will once again return to play the cameo role. Along with him, we will also see the return of Camille Bordey by Sara Martins. It’s going to be interesting to see the old faces back again. However, the return of the old ones will also bring specific changes in the story.

Fans were confused with the death of Richard. They thought the death to be unnecessary. We hope Death In Paradise Season 10 to satisfy the fans by bringing the answer to all their questions.

Death In Paradise Season 10: Release Date

Death In Paradise Season 10 will return to the screens on Thursday, January 7, 2021. It will be there at 9 pm on BBC One. The tenth anniversary of Death In Paradise is going to be the most surprising one. Lets us wait for the release to happen. Till then, stay in the virtual touch for more such updates.

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