May 19, 2024
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Lucifer Season 6: Will Bring More Police And Social Issues, Harris Appreciates Crew’s Efforts

Lucifer Season 6

TV shows and series are making lots of effort for their audience. Lucifer Season 6 is in the process of making even after the positive result of a number of cast members. There has been a hike in the COVID cases in the team ever since November. But, we have seen cast and crew members doing their best even amidst the Pandemic’s chaos. Let us see what newness will the sixth season of the series bring to the floor.


Lucifer is an urban fantasy series. The show has police procedural and comedy-drama in it. Tom Kapinos is the developer of the drama. The character is based on DC Comics created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith, and Mike Dringenberg. The story has Lucifer Morningstar in its lead role. He has been cast out from Heaven for his betrayal.

He resigns his throne in Hell and comes down to Los Angeles for more fun. Lucifer runs his own nightclub named “Lux.” There is love, darkness, confusion, drama, emotion, selfishness, and even stubbornness in character. Let us further wait to see which part he will bring in the coming season.

Lucifer Season 6: Production Continues

There has been a widespread of the coronavirus worldwide. It’s going to be almost a year ever since the spread of the virus. TV shows and series’ filming process were hampered because of the situation. 

However, Lucifer Season 6’s cast and crew members were seen doing their best even amidst the Pandemic. As per the reports of Variety, the team members reached 13 COVID positive cases. The characters were isolated. But, the series continued to film with full protection and protocols.

Harris Appreciating The Effort Of Cast And Crew

Harris took out her appreciation of the cast and crew members through a social media post. She has perfectly penned down the struggle of everyone on the set. However, members behind the scene also did their best to run the show safely. She shares three photos, one of her makeup artists and the other two of ladies at gate eight who swab cast members noses 4-5 times a week. 

She writes, “I get to work with the most positive attitude despite their three tires of masks, surgical robes, and dozen of tests a week. They never complain and also leave me grateful and confident.”

Lucifer Season 6: Upcoming Plot

The last season of Lucifer will wrap up all the stories of the characters. However, the ending is going to be larger than before. Henderson and Modrovich explain to EW about their last story. Lucifer is a police procedural drama; therefore, it needs to represent all the police department and social issues. The ending season will bring up all that hasn’t been brought ever since now.

Lucifer Season 6: Release Date

There isn’t any update regarding the release of Lucifer Season 6. However, we are still waiting for the arrival of the second half of Lucifer Season 5. Let us wait for the prior season to release and more updates to come for the sixth one. Till then, stay in the link for more information.

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