June 15, 2024
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Solo Levelling Chapter 132: Plot, Release Date & All The Latest Details!

Solo Levelling Chapter 132

Solo Levelling continues to make headlines and is proving every single week why it is the best manhwa out there. The fans curiously wait for the entire week to see the next chapter of it. And the hype for Solo Levelling Chapter 132 is no different than its other chapters. The past few weeks have been quite amazing for the fans of this show.


It set a benchmark, especially with the fight with Angel Statue and the revelation about the first Shadow Monarch. Hunter Sung Jin-Woo is now stronger than ever. In the recent rescue assignment, the Hunters guild lost several elite members. Now some more exciting events will take place in the next chapter of this manhwa. If you’re also excited about it, keep reading to know all the latest details about it. 

Solo Levelling Chapter 132

Solo Leveling Chapter 132: Plot Details

Solo Levelling Chapter 132 looks promising as it will feature a lot of interesting content. The fans will get to know what’s moving so into this tragedy that is planned. Maybe not just in Japan. However, but also a new S standing club has appeared inside the US, England, and India. Even the Giants who’ve developed from the dungeon break-down will apparently depopulate Tokyo in only three times. Along with murdering, they’ll furthermore try to devour human beings and practically every tree and building. People might progress at the Northern location of Tokyo and ask for assistance.

Solo Levelling Chapter 132

Previous Episode Recap!

In the previous chapter of this manhwa, the fans saw that everyone came out of the prison, and many people died. Sung Jin-Woo revealed it was the anger that called him there, and after that, he became unconscious from exhaustion. Meanwhile, Yuri Orloff found 200K magic crystals to form a shield to stop the beasts from coming outside the gate.

However, he was able to prevent the first wave of monsters, but there was an exceptional monster that came and quickly destroyed the barrier. Hunter Sung Jin-Woo woke up in the hospital after sleeping for three days straight. The first question he asked after gaining consciousness was about the gate in Japan due to the dream he had.

Solo Levelling Chapter 132

Solo Levelling Chapter 132: Release Date

The fans have been eagerly waiting for the next episode and will see the next chapter of this manhwa very soon. Solo Levelling Chapter 132 will release on Wednesday, December 23, 2020. The timing for its release will vary according to the country one lives in. 

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