Shameless Season 11 Episode 4

Shameless Season 11 Episode 4: “NIMBY,” Milkovich To Become New Neighbour, Will There Be Clashes? Fifth Season & More

There comes a new neighbor in the Shameless family. Shameless Season 11 Episode 4 will feature Milkovich moving next door to the Gallagher family. And relationships will shuffle ahead. Who will be the worst? And who will start the cockfight? We have covered all the keenest details. The series’ coming episodes are full of drama, so be ready to experience the best of bests.

Shameless Season 11 Episode 4: What’s Coming

The fourth episode of Shameless Season 11 is entitled “NIMBY.” Milkovich shifts to live in the house next door to Gallagher. The air around the two houses will be hot in the coming days. Get ready for some chaotic experiences ahead. At the same time, the episode will include a bit of fun in it. Gemma and Franny take part in Little Miss South Side Beauty Pageant. Will both have a healthy competition? You need to have the patience to know the answer. Till then, You can watch the promo below.

Moreover, the episode’s official synopsis reads, “The Milkoviches move in next door and wreak havoc, leading Frank, Kev, and Liam to scheme to get rid of them. However, Mickey embarks on a security gig for Kev and V and drags Ian along. At the same time, Gemma and Franny compete in the Little Miss South Side beauty pageant.”

The coming casts are William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher, Steve Howdy as Kev, Emma Kenney as Debbie, Jeremy Allen as Lip, Cameron Monaghan as Ian, Noel Fisher as Mikey Milkovich, Richard Flood as Ford Kellogg, Christian Isaiah as Liam and many others.

“Slaughter,” Coming Next

The further episode, i.e., the fifth one of the season, is entitled “Slaughter.” The issue between Gallagher and Malkoviches will arrive in this episode. Frank and Kev will be seen taking down the Malkovich. Moreover, Debbie wants Frannie to meet her favorite wrestler and thereby takes the character to meet.

Additionally, the episode’s official synopsis reads, “Ian and Mickey’s security gig comes into question. At the same time, Frank and Kev try to take down the Milkovich. Moreover, V canvasses to get black people to the polls; Debbie takes Franny to meet her favorite wrestler; Carl and Leesie’s policing approaches comes to a head.”

Plot Until Now

The prior episode of the season was “Frances Franchise Franny Frank.” This episode featured Frank and Franny having a great time over weed. Both of them enjoy to the fullest and do many adventures. At the same time, Ian and Mickey are facing difficult times. Their relationship seems to be a bit off track. Lip and Tami help Brad and Cami to take care of their small baby. Overall, the episode has been full of fun, adventure, and sweet memories.

Shameless Season 11 Episode 4: Release Date

Shameless Season 11 Episode 4 will release this Sunday on January 10, 2021. It will be there at 9 pm on Showtime. However, the fifth episode will take more time than usual. It will release on January 31, 2021. For now, we don’t know about the sixth episode and further. We will update you here with more recent news. Therefore, stay in the virtual touch.

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