Virgin River Season 3

Virgin River Season 3: Netflix Confirms Fate After Shocking Hiatus Ending, What Will Happen?

At least fans can now relax as finally, they would get all the answers as plenty of mystery would resolve in Virgin River Season 3. The second season cliffhanger left everyone in a horrible position when Mel found Jack Sheridan unconscious and bleeding on the floor. However, it gives a little push to the streamer and the creator to begin working on the next season. Further, being a low-key romantic drama it’s the best way to resume the chapter.

Virgin River follows Mel Monroe’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) struggle dealing with her terrible past. However, when she didn’t find any solution she decided to escape from her painful past. So, she moved to a small town in California, the Virgin River. But, soon she realized that she’s still holding her past and unable to move on. Further, surviving in the small town as a midwife isn’t that easy as she thought.

Netflix Renewed Virgin River Season 3

Fortunately, yes! On December 18, 2020, Netflix renewed Virgin River Season 3 soon after the second season wrapped with a major cliffhanger. Well, the series is an adaptation of Robyn Carr’s novel series of the same title which includes 21 installments. Thus, there are many topics for the creator to cover.

Further, the showrunner, Sue Tenney in a recent interview said that they believe Virgin River is an ongoing show with as many seasons as they got. Virgin River Season 3 is expected to run for a total number of ten episodes like the previous seasons.

Virgin River Season 3: When Will Filming Begin For The Next Season?

Recently, Netflix released the July production list where Virgin River Season 3 has secured its slot. It indicates that the third season’s filming would begin sometime between August and December 2021. It shows that the showrunner has already known the fate of Virgin River and perhaps working on the script. That’s exactly similar to what happened with the second season- filming started in September 2019 ahead of the first season premiere.

Virgin River Season 3: What Will Happen Next?

Jack’s Fate In Danger

The last season ended on a brutal note where Martin Henderson’s Jack tussled to stay alive. As per Martin, it’s a way to make fans tuned into the show. But, it’s quite mysterious who did this? Although there are a few people who have some old grudges to deal with him. But, like this, it is entirely unimaginable. Further, it’s not clear whether Mel and Jack would reunite after that event or they would face more drama in their life. But, it would follow a brief time jump in the next season.

Doc Has Something To Tell Hope

Hope and Doc’s re-engagement is on the right track. But, the couple has some concerning news to discuss. However, before they could finish this conversion, their friend surprised them by throwing a surprise party. Now, the new complication in Doc’s life will challenge their relationship and his career too.

Preacher Finding Difficulty To Leave

Finally, Preacher accepted the job in San Francisco. But soon he received two threats which slightly changed his plans. Soon after his decision, Wes’ twin brother appeared to know what happened to his brother. Meanwhile, Paige’s son Christopher also showed up finding a place to stay. Well, you know how Preacher is, perhaps he would respond to his work call.

Virgin River Season 3: Who Will Join The Team?

Well, all the main cast members would reprise their role. However, some new characters would join the third chapter. These include Zibby Allen as Jack’s sister Brie, a hard-charging, ballsy lawyer, who knows how to enjoy the moment. Further, Stacey Farber will join as Lilly’s daughter Tara Anderson.


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